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New Horizons Band of Summit and Stark Counties
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Twas the week before our concert
And all through the hall
We musicians were practicing
To play at Summit Mall

The chairs were all lined up
In perfect curved rows,
The brass over here
To blow their big blows.

The tuba guys all set in the back.
The flutes were chatting away.
The clarinets were playing their scales.
Is that note A flat or just A?

Deck the halls with lots of music.
Can you find the song that we play first?
Tis the season to have concerts.
Let's just lose the song that we play worst.

Another year has gone by.
It flew really fast
And now we take time
To reflect on our past.

We practiced so much
On each Monday night.
We tried very hard
To get each note right.

Our director, Jim Adkins,
Was there all those weeks.
He helped us get rid of
All those bad squeaks --- well, almost!

We played for some old folks.
Some were falling asleep,
But we woke them up
With a bong and a beep.

We played on a bandstand.
The crowd was quite small,
But we felt we were playing
At symphony hall.

Jim brought us new music.
We can't play that hard stuff!
There are too many notes
And it really looks tough.

Jim wouldn't listen.
He said, "Yes, you can!"
He knew just how
To encourage the band

Our sponsor, Jim Stahl,
Was there at our side.
He paid all the bills.
It's been a great ride.

We've worked on a fugue
That Doug Bennett wrote.
He caught us each time
We played the wrong note.

The fugue is still
High on his list.
If we didn't play it,
It would surely be missed.

Tis the night of our concert.
Our blue shirts look swell.
We practiced our hearts out.
We hope we played well.

We say thanks to our leaders
Of this special band.
The good times we've had
Have been simply grand.

Nancy Sauer,
December 19, 2005

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Jim, Doug, and Jim,

We decided to give you gift certificates from West Point Market. We heard you 3 were all very good cooks. So, we thought you 3 could get together, plan a great cookout, and buy all your groceries at West Point.

Then, this summer, you'd invite the whole band to Jim Stahl's house for a great barbecue! We heard that Jim has white carpeting, so we all promise to take off our shoes. But we'd have to put them back on when Jim takes us for a cruise on his boat.

See you next summer!

Merry Christmas to 3 great guys from the best band in town!