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New Horizons Band of Summit and Stark Counties
“Providing Life Enrichment Through Embracing Music”

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(Updated: 5/3/13)


  1. FEES: The current membership fee is $24.00 per month. This fee is to be paid by the first of each month. It may be paid monthly, quarterly, or yearly and may be paid by either cash or check, no credit cards please. Make checks payable to New Horizons Band.

  2. ATTENDANCE: Attendance at all rehearsals is desired but not required. Members have the option of attending more than once a week at the locations and times listed on the Calendar. You are encouraged to constantly check the Calendar for changes to the schedule. When there is a sudden change due to weather or if a cancellation is necessary, we will also place this information on the Home page.

  3. NOTIFICATION: Each member is requested to check in before the beginning of each rehearsal by signing the attendance sheet. If it becomes necessary to miss a rehearsal or concert, please notify Jim Adkins of the absence. String players should notify Frederica Cohen.

  4. MUSIC: Music is the property of the band/strings and must be returned at the request of the Director. Method books are bought by each member and should be brought to all rehearsals and concerts.

  5. MEMBERSHIP: Each member pays a monthly fee of $24.00. This fee goes toward offsetting rental fees, music, and supply costs, and part of our instructional costs. Your membership fee registers you as a New Horizons Band or Orchestra member. Click here to view and download our membership application brochure. Please make checks payable to: New Horizons Band. We are fortunate to have a Sponsor and host that make the substantially larger costs of operating this organization possible.

  6. UNIFORM: We have official New Horizons shirts (New Shirt Order Form) that we wear as our uniform during our many concert performances.

  7. REFRESHMENTS: Refreshments are normally provided at the Monday rehearsal and occasionally at the Canton rehearsal. Cash donations for refreshments will be appreciated. 

We believe as we play our instruments we are ...
Making music with a family of lifelong friends
Understanding how commitment leads to success
Sharing the joy & rewards of working together
Individuals who develop self-confidence
Communicating in a universal language
Strike Up The Band,
Tim Lautzenheiser
We also believe that...
-"It's never too late!"
-"Mistakes are good!"
-"Everyone's contribution counts!"
-"It's all about having fun!"