Veterans Day at the MAPS Air Museum

What better way to thank those who served in the U.S. Military than to attend the MAPS Annual Veterans Celebration VII on Saturday, November 9th! MAPS Air Museum will host our annual Veterans Day program which will honor all of our Veterans.

Reservations are required and due by October 23, 2019.

Dinner is only $20 a person! (Seats are limited)

Highlights of this years event will include:

  • Happy Hour and a Dinner Buffet
  • Music provided by the New Horizons (80 piece orchestra)
  • Fly-In and Static Display of F-16s from the 180th Fighter Wing on Saturday (TBD)
  • Unveiling of additional Feathers to the Fallen Feathers Memorial of Ohio display.
  • A special tribute of our newly restored F-16 to Lt. Col. Kevin Sonnenberg (112th Fighter Squadron “Stingers”, 180th Fighter Wing, Ohio National Guard) KIA 6-15-07
    Plus More!

The Saturday event is open to the public from 4:30 PM to 8 PM. The museum will remain open until 9 PM.


4:30 — Ticket Holding New Horizons Members and Guests (ALL GUESTS MUST PURCHASE A TICKET) must enter the Museum gate at 2260 International Parkway and park in the East Lot or other parking areas as directed. Enter the main entrance of the Museum on the East side of the hanger and register for your table seating as directed. Please keep your instrument with you at your dinner table seat.
4:30 — 5:30 — Social Time and Happy Hour is provided only for Ticket Holders.
5:30 – 6:15 — Buffet Dinner is served for Ticket Holders.
6:00 — CALL TIME — Ticket Holders please report to performance area, take your place BUT DO NOT PLAY YOUR INSTRUMENT. Non-Ticket holders must enter the Museum gate at 2260 International Parkway and take the first left into the West Parking Lot on the West side of the Museum. This lot is reserved for New Horizons members. Enter the single metal door in the South corner of the Museum marked NHB. You may leave your cases in the Library but DO NOT PLAY your instrument. You may take your seat in the performance area by 6:15. DO NOT PLAY!!
6:25 — Organized quiet, warm-up and tune
6:34 — Posting the Colors — “Drum Cadence” (everyone stand)
6:43 — Pledge of Allegiance
6:45 — Invocation — Les Peine
6:46 — Welcome — Reed Kimball
    1) Introduction
      2) “Marches of the Armed Forces”
     3) Fallen Feathers
     4) Brief History of the 112th and MAPS
7:00 — POW-MIA Table and Honor Ceremony
7:10 — Honoring Veterans/Past and Present — Kim Kovesci
7:15 — Our Story “F-16” — Val Kinney
7:20 — “GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.”
7:24 — Introduce Keynote Speaker Maj. Gen. Steven Nordhaus — Jim Jackson
7:28 — Lt. Col Kevin “Sonny” Sonnenberg — Maj. Gen. Nordhaus
7:38 — Family Comments
7:50 — Video — Val Kinney
8:00 — Words — Val Kinney
8:06 — Words — Kim
8:14 — Retrieving colors — Drum Cadence (everyone stand)
8:20 — Dismissed