Attendance Report Information

We are moving away from the pencil and paper attendance sign-in to a computerized system that you can access through your phone. You can sign-in the day of the rehearsal, or you can report when you will miss a rehearsal. When you arrive at Bolich Middle School or Walsh University there are two attendance sign-in options:

  1. Wait in line and sign-in on a laptop computer.

  2. Use your phone to sign-in on the NHB web site. This is the preferred method because you can sign-in at your convenience before the rehearsal starts, or during the break. Follow these simple steps:
    • Go to the NHB website:
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for “Attendance Report”
    • Click on “report your attendance” and the attendance report will appear.
    • Fill in the form.

Click on the following button to directly open the Attendance Report.