Play Along Music Distribution Today (June 1) and Thursday (June 4)

PLAY ALONG MUSIC DISTRIBUTION:  We are taking this opportunity to introduce you to a new friend and host for our New Horizons Program. The Board of Directors and Congregation of the “First Evangelical Church” located at 369 E. Woodsdale Ave. Akron, Ohio, have invited us to use their Church as HOME BASE!

We have organized two evenings, Monday June 1st and Thursday June 4th, from 5:30 until 7:00 during which you may drive into the church parking lot and be directed to a drive by music pick up stand.

Simply follow the directions of the parking lot staff who will form you into a line that will pull up to a table. Connie Stinnett will hand you the Play Along Music and Instruction Sheet through your window. She will be wearing her mask and we ask you to do the same.

If you would like a short tour of the building please pull into a parking space and Carrie Cunningham will be your escort through the facility.

We again ask that you follow the correct best practice safe mask and hand washing protocols suggested by our State and Federal authorities.

Please allow me to take a minute to thank Carrie, Connie , and Marilyn Katzmark for their help in making this introduction to our newest host possible.

View instructions for the “Play Along Corner” chorales music handouts.