Many of you have been communicating with me requesting additional Zoom contact. I have been working hard to accommodate everyone’s requests. The newest Zoom feature is called “Supervised Practice”. This feature is a form of private lessons but is focused on the preparation of the music that we are presently distributing. We will concentrate on the understanding of style, techniques, melodic and harmonic rhythm. Our staff must limit our teaching schedules to 30 hours a month so new Small Group sessions will be announced before June 29th.


Please review and follow our posted “Safety Rules” . You will be directed to a special parking area by Maps Volunteers. Please stay in your car until Jim signals you to approach the entrance. If you need assistance carrying your equipment we can provide a helping hand. Everyone must wear a mask. We will take your temperature and ask you three questions. If you have not received your “New Music” Connie will be the first stop at the “Library Table” however, please remember to bring chorales #2 and #5. Also please bring your copy of the “National Anthem”. You may us your cell phone to sign in and please remember to wear your NAME TAG! One of our Members will take you to your color coded seating area. Please do not open your cases or start warming up until instructed to do so. It will be in the low 80’s so please bring your own water bottle. I’m sure you will enjoy this first training session and playing together with your friends once again in an ensemble. If you have any questions please call or text Jim. 330.858.2045

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