Aaron Fried Performs at KSU

Submitted by Sandy Bee Lynn (viola)

Message from Aaron Fried

Hey everyone!

I want to let you know about a musical I’m playing in that opens this Friday night at KSU. The instrumentalists are on stage, rather than in a pit, and I actually play a prominent role at the beginning.

2 of the writers are KSU alums, which I find cool. It’s a good show. It does have some “course language” and violent themes, so it may not be appropriate for kids under 14.

Here are the details! It would be great to see some of you there.

For the final two shows of the run, Tori Gaskins, who was my cello student for 4 years, will actually be filling in for me, so feel free to go to one of those shows to support her!

All the best,


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