Happy Thanksgiving to All!! Please read through these informative news flashes. I’m sure that this information will be helpful in your preparation for the completion of 2021 and the kick off of 2022. If you need clarification, know that we will begin our rehearsal on Monday evening November 29th at 6:00pm at the Guardian Angel Church with a Q and A session. (That was Flash #1).

Flash #2 – We will also discuss and announce the dress for the December 5th Holiday Concert during that discussion.

Flash #3 – There is no rehearsal on Monday December 6th. (See posted schedule).

Flash #4 – Please plan on attending the Live “Winter Trivia” Recital on Thursday December 9th at 6:00 at the F.E.C. (In the Sanctuary). We will be collecting Master copies of the Holiday Music and handing out New Music after the recital in the rehearsal room. Having a big audience is important to our performing members. Please support them with your attendance and help us get a good start into our 2022 repertoire by making this exchange of music happen.

Flash #5 – This is not really news! I’d simply like you all to know that Jaime and I are both very THANKFUL to have the opportunity to share with each and every one of you our Love of Music. We appreciate the hard work and support of our Sponsor, our Board of Directors, our Staff, and each and every MEMBER. Together we are making it happen!

Looking forward to 2022,


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