Our Spring rehearsals have been going exceptionally well and I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your hard work and cooperation. We have been accomplishing growth through attracting new members and contemporizing our organization. Your preparation through following our practice, class participation, and rehearsal instruction is a large part of our accomplishment. Thank you for welcoming Bev and Cal O’Conner to our staff. Please take a moment to personally welcome and thank them for sharing their talents with all of us at your earliest convenience.

We have been trying very hard to overcome the continued situations that we have with our Zoom broadcasts. These situations will be cleared up so please, please, PLEASE hang in there with us! An important part of this Virtual programing is the SPRING RECITAL that is coming up on Thursday, April 28th at 6:00. We want to fill the Sacturary of the church with an audience so if you are not already a performing member that night please attend live or on Zoom. Here are the planned performing ensembles:

ORIENTATION STRINGS; NOVICE STRING ENSEMBLE; PERCUSSION TRIO; THE ENTIRE BRASS SECTION. The Orientations Strings will be demonstrating their new musical abilities by performing the “Greatest Hits of Book One”. Novice String have prepared several of our “Favorite Tunes”. The Percussion Trio will perform a famous drum trio composed by two of the most famous percussionists of the 60’s Rot Burns and Saul Feldstein entitled “Three to Go”. The Finally of the recital is our entire BRASS SECTION performing the 18th centry classic “The Prince of Whales” known today as “Trumpet Voluntary”.

String performers will continue their preparation for this recital in Dress rehearsal during regularly schedule classes on Wednesday the 20th and Wednesday, the 27th. The Percussion Trio and Brass Section selection will be rehearsed as part of regular rehearsals on the 21st, 25th(F.E.C.) and 28th. (MAPS). AS ALWAYS I’M EXCITED!!!!


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