Please allow me to start out by thanking all of you for your kind wishes, texts, email and phone calls. Lynne and I are 100% back and feeling well. Even Eddie the “Wonder Dog” is happy to have us both up and running at full steam!

I’d also like to thank Jaime, Bev and Cal for keeping rehearsals and classes going and our preparation for performances on schedule. The support of our Board of Directors and Volunteers is unsurpassed and whole heartedly appreciated!

OK, LET’S GET GOING!! We have two very important FULL REHEARSALS at the F.E.C. this week. News about upcoming PERFORMANCES, MORE NEW MUSIC, and lots of notes to play! “IT’S FUN, FUN, FUN, now that DADY TOOK THE T-BIRD AWAY!!!!” I’m excited and pumped up! Don’t miss either of these special rehearsals! In addition, please don’t forget that there are no classes or rehearsals on Wednesday evening the 29th. Come on out to the Huston Pub and catch the “Dukes of Darrowville”. The rehearsal schedule for July will be posted this week. The staff will be sharing Rehearsal and Class responsibilities as we are all very busy with Camps, Performances and vacations this month. We are asking for your continued cooperation with attendance and preparation as we all prepare for our busy recital and Concert Calendar!

Our first SUMMER Lawn Chair Concert is at the Emmanuel Church of Christ 16 Eastern Rd. in Doylestown on Sunday July 10th. The concert begins at 3:00 and your call time is 2:15. We will be wearing our Blue Shirts but please dress for summer comfort. (hats, shorts, sunscreen, drinking water, etc.). Remember that if you invite 3 , 0 come. Invite 5 you will get 2. Soooooo invite 10!!

Our second Summer Concert in something special that we have not experienced for a long time. On Saturday evening August 27th we will be performing on stage at the “Foeder House Royal Crown ” 2668 Easton Rd. NE N. Canton. This outdoor Concert will pack the house so please begin now to invite your friends and family. Fine Food and Excellent Kraft Beer! You don’t want to miss this one!!!!!

Our third Summer Concert is an “Oldy but a Goody” as we return once again to the Barberton MumFestival on Sunday September 25th.

Number four is what I call “A keep your fingers crossed performance”. As you know this event has been cancelled twice now and I believe that the third time is a charm! Please keep Sunday November 13th open for “The Festival of Trees” at the Knight Center.

We have not made any firm commitment for our Christmas Concert as of yet, but I do know that several potential hosts have interest in our return. I will book this December performance date in August or October so if you have a potential prospect, please have them contact me soon!



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