September 18th Part Two from Jim

Good afternoon! Here is the order of the selections we will perform on Sunday’s Mum Fest Concert. Call time is 1:15………downbeat at 2:00. See you all on Thursday at the F.E.C. at 6:00. Best Parking for Mum Fest is at the Magic City Plaza which is 4 blocks East of Lake Anna on Wooster Road. We will talk through drop off spots and times for those who have special needs at Thursday’s rehearsal. Jim

  1. Star Spangled Banner
  2. Ukrainian National Anthem
  3. Celebration Fanfare
  4. Liberty Bell
  5. Pictures at an Exhibition
  6. Thunderer
  7. Satin Doll
  8. It Don’t Mean a Thing
  9. Disney Film Favorites
  10. Journey in Concert
  11. Hallelujah

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