A Message From Your Board

As band members each of us owns responsibility for our health and learning while Jim continues to stretch us through technology, live rehearsals and as many performances as we can manage. We are so fortunate to have New Horizons, Jim and Jaime bringing music and learning into our lives.

As a board our foremost concern is for the safety of our members and as CDC guidelines continue to evolve we are excited to start our transition back to ‘normal’.  As things are loosening up we are tempted to relax our practices but we are not there yet.

Please help by getting vaccinated if you can and each of us will do all we can to help keep everyone safe by continuing to wear masks, maintaining social distance, and following Responsible Restart Ohio guidelines

There still are many band members who are reluctant to return due to COVID concerns. So we must stay vigilant to help all our members feel safe in participating in our events as we need everyone to help create our big, beautiful sound.