Please find below a few additional notes and instructions with regards to our EXTRAVAGAZA this Sunday. 1). This Dress rehearsal has been designed to rehears every aspect of our four or five concert series. This included the in-loading and out-loading of all your EQUIPMENT and STUFF. Please follow these instructions as we will be using this procedure at all Concert locations: After entering the parking lot drive along the building to the area on the North East side of the lot marked by ORANGE CONES. Look for JAIME MADRIGAL after 4:00, who will be forming a first come first serve line of cars. She will direct you to a EQUIPMENT DROP OFF AREA. Please unload your vehicle at this drop off point so that you do not have to carry everything a long distance. After unloading into the Drop Off Area please move your car to the Parking Area before you transfer your equipment to the set up or picnic areas. Your vehicle may be parked a long way from the performance. We will simply reverse this procedure after the conclusion of the Concert. 2). MAKE SURE EVERYTHING HAS YOUR NAME ON IT!!! Chairs, Stands, Instrument Cases, Music, Coolers, Picnic Baskets. Each Concert site will provide helpers to help you with all your stuff. Don’t carry anything but your instrument! 3). The Audience always exits first! Relax, don’t be in a hurry to get into a traffic jam in the parking lot. 4). Always bring someone with you! That’s how we build a FAN BASE! Hearing your performance once is not enough! Invite 6 and 2 will show up! 5). ALWAYS EXPECT CHANGE! Trust that we have a good reason and simply ROLL WITH IT! 6). Our best performance will always be the next one! Enjoy all of them!


Raiders March Virtual Concert Update

Dear all,

We will resume studio recording for our Raiders March virtual concert this coming Saturday, 12 June 2021 at the Cavalier studio (3420 Cavalier Trail, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44224) from 10 am to 12:30 pm. You only need to bring your instrument and your Raiders March sheet music with you. This will continue every Saturday until 3 July 2021. Walk-ins are very welcome; however, if you are able to get in touch with me [email: iya2@zips.uakron.edu; phone: (234) 716-0400)] to schedule ahead of time we will be more efficient in allocating time.

If you have already recorded your video but need help transferring the file please come to one of these upcoming First Evangelical Church rehearsals from 5:30 pm to 6 pm so we can complete the transfer. We have confirmed there is good Internet connection at the First Evangelical Church and successfully helped one band member transfer her file today (Monday, 7 June 2021). Once you get there please find me or text/call me.

If you haven’t recorded a video but would like to record one yourself in your own time, and submit it with our assistance, I am more than happy to provide a step by step guide. For this, you will need an email account to communicate with me from.

Thank you all very much, and please help us get this message out to as many NHB members as possible,
[email: iya2@zips.uakron.edu; phone: (234) 716-0400)]

June Schedule Change

An additional live rehearsal (all instruments) has been added on Mondays at 6 p.m. at The First Evangelical Church June 14 and 28. If you cannot make it to the live rehearsal, you can sign-in with Jaime’s Zoom meeting ID and password at 6 p.m.

Note: With the added live rehearsal, instrument sectionals will not be offered in June.

Solo Studio on Thursdays meets live at the First Evangelical Church at 5 p.m., and is simultaneously broadcast on Jaime’s Zoom account.

Strings Orientation and Novice Strings meet Wednesdays live at the First Evangelical Church, and is simultaneously broadcast on Jaime’s Zoom account.

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Good News – Jim Adkins

Just wanted to let you all know that Jim’s catheterization went really well. His arteries are clear and his heart is healthy! He promises to behave and follow up with his cardiologists as recommended. Our fearless leader will even be back and attending rehearsals per usual next week.

Most of all he just wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. They were truly appreciated.

Prayer Request – Jim Adkins


June 3, 2021

Dear Friends,

 I have chosen this means of sharing not only for its’ convenience but also to insure that you all receive the most accurate and complete information possible. Marilyn Katzmark and Andy Rosenberg have designed this “Caring Corner” with that purpose in mind and I appreciate their good work.

 A few weeks ago, during my annual physical exam an EKG showed that I had developed an irregular heartbeat. I have decided to undergo a cardiac catherization procedure to identify if there is true disease present and then have it treated. This procedure is taking place tomorrow June 4th at the University Hospital Cardiology center in Parma. 

  My plan is to attend full rehearsals at the F.E.C. on the 7th and 10th. Please watch for announcements here in the “Caring Corner” with respect to my condition and recovery. 

  I am so excited about our Summer “Lawn Chair” Concert Series! Please know that I appreciate your hard work and cooperation. I treasure your dedication and trust in my conducting, musicianship and direction.

 Together we CAN and DO make real music!


Pre-Dress Rehearsal Meet and Greet Picnic

Sunday, June 13th at 6:00 p.m. we will have a “Dress Rehearsal” at Johnson United Methodist Church to kick off our summer “LAWN CHAIR” Concert series. To make this evening extra special for those members attending, we’d like to have a “bring your own picnic” prior to the concert at 5:00 p.m. If you’re a NHB member and not playing, we still would like you to attend the “picnic” and then stay for the dress rehearsal.

Not only will this be our first dress rehearsal in many months, but it’s a perfect opportunity for our members to gather safely and hopefully to encourage you to come back and perform with us. Our Librarian, Connie Stinnett, will have music available if you need it. You need to bring your own chair and your own “picnic food!”

Please join us!

Musically yours,
The New Horizons Board

Prayer Request – Ken Slezak

In the last year it’s become easy to think that if someone isn’t attending rehearsals, it must be because he or she is isolating themselves due to the pandemic. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case. This week it came to our attention that Ken Slezak, who plays the clarinet, is currently in the hospital. He has been diagnosed with a serious illness that will require both chemo and radiation treatments in the near future. He would really appreciate our prayers.

If you would like to send him a card, his address is: 3119 Grill Rd, New Franklin 44216. Let’s show him how much he is loved by all of us.


National Anthem; Black Forest Overture; Swan Lake; Raiders March; Smoke on the Water

William Tell Oveture; Liberty Bell March; Polka Party; Miller Time; Rhapsody in Blue

Proud To Be An American; God Bless America