Please allow me to start out by thanking all of you for your kind wishes, texts, email and phone calls. Lynne and I are 100% back and feeling well. Even Eddie the “Wonder Dog” is happy to have us both up and running at full steam!

I’d also like to thank Jaime, Bev and Cal for keeping rehearsals and classes going and our preparation for performances on schedule. The support of our Board of Directors and Volunteers is unsurpassed and whole heartedly appreciated!

OK, LET’S GET GOING!! We have two very important FULL REHEARSALS at the F.E.C. this week. News about upcoming PERFORMANCES, MORE NEW MUSIC, and lots of notes to play! “IT’S FUN, FUN, FUN, now that DADY TOOK THE T-BIRD AWAY!!!!” I’m excited and pumped up! Don’t miss either of these special rehearsals! In addition, please don’t forget that there are no classes or rehearsals on Wednesday evening the 29th. Come on out to the Huston Pub and catch the “Dukes of Darrowville”. The rehearsal schedule for July will be posted this week. The staff will be sharing Rehearsal and Class responsibilities as we are all very busy with Camps, Performances and vacations this month. We are asking for your continued cooperation with attendance and preparation as we all prepare for our busy recital and Concert Calendar!

Our first SUMMER Lawn Chair Concert is at the Emmanuel Church of Christ 16 Eastern Rd. in Doylestown on Sunday July 10th. The concert begins at 3:00 and your call time is 2:15. We will be wearing our Blue Shirts but please dress for summer comfort. (hats, shorts, sunscreen, drinking water, etc.). Remember that if you invite 3 , 0 come. Invite 5 you will get 2. Soooooo invite 10!!

Our second Summer Concert in something special that we have not experienced for a long time. On Saturday evening August 27th we will be performing on stage at the “Foeder House Royal Crown ” 2668 Easton Rd. NE N. Canton. This outdoor Concert will pack the house so please begin now to invite your friends and family. Fine Food and Excellent Kraft Beer! You don’t want to miss this one!!!!!

Our third Summer Concert is an “Oldy but a Goody” as we return once again to the Barberton MumFestival on Sunday September 25th.

Number four is what I call “A keep your fingers crossed performance”. As you know this event has been cancelled twice now and I believe that the third time is a charm! Please keep Sunday November 13th open for “The Festival of Trees” at the Knight Center.

We have not made any firm commitment for our Christmas Concert as of yet, but I do know that several potential hosts have interest in our return. I will book this December performance date in August or October so if you have a potential prospect, please have them contact me soon!




This past week was kind of hard for me. It started out with me telling myself I needed to stop playing the violin for awhile. I feel like my arm/shoulder should be fairly normal by now but it’s not. I’m not sure if I just need to give it time without playing, or if I did something wrong while I rehabbed and need surgery again, or if I’m never going to be able to play decent without pain. As I was pouting through my week, a good friend died. He lived a nice long life and I know he’s in heaven, but I still felt sadness. Then, as I wrote before in “Our Military”, my son-in-law left today to his first army base. On the whole I’m not a cryer, but I’ve done my share this week.

All of this has made me stop and think about all the “new normals” we go through. Some new normals are exciting: graduating, getting married, having a baby, getting a new job. But along with it you have to adjust to new things: living somewhere new, living with another person, sleeping less, learning new skills. You get the picture. I’m happy I retired this month. Oddly, I’m having a little trouble figuring out how my days should be structured.

Loss is a reality though that none of us can escape. We will lose family members, we will lose those abilities that were so easy to do in our twenties. When these things happen the new normal is daunting. I’m very practical when it comes to death but that doesn’t change the loss you feel. I remember driving back to Ohio after my mom’s funeral and it hit me. She always insisted I call when I got home so she knew I was safe. I realized … there was no one there to call.

I really am feeling much better but I had to ask myself “Why?” So I don’t know if this will help anyone else but here goes. The first thing I told myself to do is just get through that day. Even though you may feel immobilized, at least do the “have tos”. And try to glean at least one thing that was positive about that day. There’s usually more going on in our lives to be grateful for than to get depressed over. I try to never stay down for too long so most days after that hopefully get easier. The second thing I told myself to do is exercise. I haven’t been able to swim laps since November so at least with the weather being better I’ve been going on walks. Short ones with my dogs and long ones by myself. There’s something so good about being outside and moving. So as hard as it is at first I told myself I had to get out of bed and walk. The third thing I told myself to do was enlarge my world so it includes more than just me. When I get down it’s all about me. All I have to do is look around and I see people having far worse things going on in their lives. Now that I’ve got time I’ve been trying to visit some of the people in my church that temporarily or permanently can’t get out. It does make you feel better if you can help someone else.

I hope you don’t think this is easy. It isn’t always. When I was 4 years old my dad died and I watched my mom be clinically depressed for 10 years. She got up every day to go to work, and she was good at that job, but that was all the energy she had. When we lose people we move on, we develop a new normal, but it doesn’t mean that layer of sadness isn’t in the background.

I hope this doesn’t offend anyone but I’d like to share my favorite scripture: Joshua 1:9. “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord our God will be with you wherever you go.” I guess for me the most important thing is to realize I’m not alone. Seventeen years ago I went through chemo for ovarian cancer. To this day I’m grateful God spared me and I often have found myself in awe as to why. So I know there are worse things than not being able to play the violin or swim laps. What’s interesting though is I never felt alone. It’s like I had God company with me all the time. So, when I’m down, I rely on my faith to get me through things.

I’m so sorry I rambled on so much. Just chalk it up to me needing to write out my innermost thoughts. This won’t happen often. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized we all have our times where we need to adjust to new normals.


Last night after New Horizons disbanded, I went to say my final goodbye to my son-in-law, Jake Hailey. He left for the army this morning. I feel so much pride for this guy. He’s smart, caring, brave … the list goes on and on. For now, he’s leaving behind my daughter Meghan and their two girls. In the next 6 months he will be at 4 different bases until he finally arrives at Fort Bragg near the first of the year. Because of this, they decided Meg and the girls should stay here until the end of the next school year. I feel the loss myself, but more importantly, I feel my girls’ pain.

In trying to not make this all about me and my family, my heart just goes out to all of the military families out there. Probably several of you or your families have gone through something similar. My niece and her husband spent 3 of their married years on totally different naval bases. When they finally got stationed together in Guam, a year later he was deployed to Afghanistan. But none of this even compares to the possibility of these soldiers losing their lives. Unfortunately this hits home to so many. My uncle Paul died at 18 years old at Anzio in WWII. Carrie Cunningham’s brother, Ron, died in Viet Nam. I’m sure that there are other members who have gone through this as well.

My point is that when it doesn’t involve us I don’t feel we can truly appreciate the sacrifices these men make. That their families make. I’ve been guilty of this myself. With the hovering possibility of WWIII, I am not crazy about the fact that Jake’s entrance into the service is now. I’m sure thousands of families are in the same boat. So I’m just asking that when we are watching the news about Russia and the Ukraine that we not become desensitized. The Ukraine’s people and their soldiers are suffering. I feel like the US and other countries are walking on eggshells trying not to let WWIII happen but it may at some point happen.

Growing up I was always in Memorial Day parades and Veteran’s Day parades. I did not have a clue how important it was to remember what our men had been through. Now that this is up in my face, I understand. God, please be with the Ukraine’s soldiers and their families. Please be with our boys and their families. And selfishly I must add, please keep Jake safe.


Barbara Tomsello is the sister of Carrie Cunningham (clarinet). She has been in hospice for awhile now, and appears to not have much longer. Carrie would appreciate your prayers for a peaceful passing, and for comfort for the family as they stand by her during her final moments.


Every year my husband and I venture down to Lock 3 in Akron for some of their concerts. It is so much easier to do than I ever thought it would be. We have never paid for parking. Most of the concerts are free. If you do not want to bring your own lawn chairs you can rent some. Refreshments are available to buy. Just in case some of you would like to reminisce to some 70’s-80’s music I am going to post the schedule. On a balmy summer night, it’s a really good time.

The City of Akron’s Lock 3 Announces Summer 2022 Rock the Lock Concert Schedule

Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan and Lock 3, in partnership with 97.5 WONE, are thrilled to share Lock 3’s Rock the Lock summer concert series on the iconic Cleveland Clinic Akron General Stage. The season kicks off on Friday, May 27 with Into The Blue, an ELO Tribute, with Sunflurry. Lock 3’s full summer 2022 event schedule including additional concerts, jazz nights, festivals, movie nights, and more will be released on April 25.

“I’m excited to announce this year’s ‘Rock the Lock’ concert schedule,” said Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan. “Each year, this concert series brings thousands of Akronites and guests into Akron’s ‘central park’ to enjoy good music, good company, and good times. We can’t wait to entertain you again this summer so mark your calendars and come on down.”

Fridays beginning May 27 and continuing through Sept. 2, Lock 3 will host your favorite tribute bands, with gates opening at 6 p.m. and concerts beginning at 7 p.m. There will be some special concerts on Saturdays and Sundays as well. All listed concerts are presented in partnership with 97.5 WONE. Concerts are free unless noted otherwise. See the full schedule below:

  • May 27  Into The Blue ELO Tribute with Sunflurry
  • June 3   Draw The Line The Endorsed Aerosmith Tribute with Lady Lyre
  • (Sat.) June 4   Donnie Iris and The Cruisers with Ravenwood Tickets available at The Akron Civic Theatre
  • June 10   Fleetwood Macked Fleetwood Mac Tribute with Kerosene
  • June 17   Dirty Deeds The AC/DC Experience with Akron’s Magic Alex *($5 Admission)*
  • June 24   Satisfaction International Rolling Stones Tribute with The Twistoffs
  • July 1     E5C4P3 Journey Tribute with Monica Robins & The Whiskey Kings (RWB Fest)
  • (Sat.) July 2       Bruce in The USA World’s #1 Tribute to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band with Sinners and Saints (RWB Fest)
  • (Sun.) July 3      The Best of Queen featuring The Georgia Players Guild with Xcess featuring Andrea (RWB Fest)
  • July 8      Best of Times A Tribute to STYX with The Michael Weber Show
  • July 15    Double Vision The Foreigner Experience with Blue Hour *($5 Admission)*
  • (Sat.) July 16    Who’s Bad The Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute with Umojah Nation A LOCK 3 EXTRA!
  • July 22    Atomic Punks The Tribute to Early Van Halen with Neil Zaza
  • July 29    Hard Days Night  A Beatles Tribute with The Angie Haze Project
  • Aug. 12   Full Moon Fever  Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers Tribute with Ben Gage
  • Aug. 19    Hotel California The Original Tribute to The Eagles with Walking in Circles *($5 Admission)*
  • Aug. 26  Straight On The Heart Tribute with The Ladies Night
  • Sept. 2    ZOSO The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Tribute with Ravenwood (Pizza Fest)

Sponsors and foundation underwriting keep all concerts free or at deep discounts.

Lock 3 thanks our sponsors Cleveland Clinic Akron General, Akron Civic Theatre, Downtown Akron Partnership, Tramonte Distributing, Miller Lite, Coca-Cola, Thirsty Dog Brewery, The Knight Foundation, Akron/Summit Convention and Visitors Bureau, Roetzel, Pritt Entertainment Group, WAKR, WONE, WQMX, and Courtyard Marriott Downtown Akron.

Food and alcohol are available for purchase in Lock 3. You are welcome to bring your own food to concerts or enjoy your lunch sitting at Lock 3 but outside alcohol is not permitted. Outside food and drinks are not permitted during the festivals. We accept cash, MasterCard, and Visa. There is open seating for concerts. Bring your own chair or blanket and find a good spot to enjoy the show. For a full list of FAQs click here.

Concert and event information will be posted as it becomes available at

Downtown Akron Partnership
Greystone Hall
103 S. High St., 4th floor
Akron, OH 44308

Phone: 330-374-7676
Fax: 330-374-7620

Do Business
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Contact Us



©2022 Downtown Akron Partnership

NHB Move Team – Thank You!

The following people volunteered their time and muscles to help relocate stands and instruments from the MAPS Air Museum to storage in Wadsworth.

  • Jim Dotson – First Evangelical Church Member
  • Mike Lewis – First Evangelical Church Pastor
  • Jim Adkins – Director
  • Iskinder Arsano – Saxophone
  • Marilyn Katzmark – Board Member, Violin
  • June Kelley – Board Member, Clarinet
  • Rodger Ramsthaler – Board Member, Euphonium
  • Connie Stinnett – Music Librarian, Cello
  • Kathy Whalen – Oboe
  • And —
  • Roger Ream -Tuba


Hello all! We are very happy to welcome four new members to our ever-growing Band of Happy Musicians. Please visit our “Caring Corner” which will soon include a brief introduction of these new members.

I am so excited about our return performance at the “Ohio Veterans’ Memorial Park” 8005 Cleveland-Massillon Rd. in Clinton, Ohio 44216 on May 30th. Call time is 1:00 pm. We will move to performance PLACES at 1:10. Warm Up with Jaime at 1:20, and the Concert will begin at 1:30. Please wear your ROYAL BLUE ENSEMBLE SHIRT, but otherwise dress for comfort in the SUN! You may wear hats, sunglasses, and plenty of sunscreen! BRING DRINKING WATER!!!!! You must also bring your own music stand and music which you have prepared to combat the wind and can be raised and lowered for the finale piece “Stars and Stripes for Ever”. Here is the Concert Music Order:

  • National Anthem
  • Ukrainian National Anthem
  • Knights of Destiny
  • Liberty Bell March
  • Amparito Roca
  • God Bless the U.S.A.
  • Marches of the Armed Forces
  • God Bless America
  • Wreath-Laying Ceremony (U.S. Army Drum Cadence and Taps)
  • Stars and Stipes Forever.

Please bring family and friends understanding that this is a “LAWN CHAIR PERFORMANCE”. Chairs will be provided for the Musicians (performing Members of our Ensemble), but the audience must bring their own folding lawn chairs.

It is a great HONOR to be asked to perform in recognition of those Americans who have made the greatest of all sacrifices protecting and preserving our Liberty! I believe that this is the most important and most prestigious performance of the year. Thank you all for joining me in preparation for our absolute best effort!

Here are the tentative Summer and Autumn Performance Dates:

  • June 26th – Akron Cooperative Farm, Akron
  • July 10th – Emmanuel/Johnson Churches Concert, Doylestown
  • August 27th – Royal Docks Summer Party Concert; Canton
  • September 25th – Barberton MumFest; Barberton
  • November 13th – Festival of Trees; Knight Center, Akron

WE NEED HELP! If you own a Truck or large Van, please CONSIDER meeting us at the MAPS museum next Tuesday, May 17th at 2:00. We will be moving our music stands and timpani from storage at the museum to a rental facility in Wadsworth. Should only take about 2 hours! Thanks!!!!