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Definitions of Scheduling Terms and Phrases

  1. All Instruments – Indicates that a practice, rehearsal or sectional, either Zoom or Live, is open to any member playing Wind, String, or Percussion instruments. Our program focus, during this period, centers our study through one large Ensemble. We will rehearse and perform as a String, Wind, and Percussion Ensemble. We are neither a Band nor an Orchestra but an Ensemble of Musicians enjoying growth through the sharing of our talents.
  2. Brasswinds – Instruments of the Brass Family. (Trumpets, Horns, Trombones, Euphoniums, Tuba).
  3. Novice – A playing ability level, beyond Orientation but not yet enjoyed by a consistent Intermediate player.
  4. Orientation – A playing ability level during which a comfort zone is reached between the beginning student of music and their instrument, notation, practice commitment, rehearsal techniques and mental musical comprehension.
  5. Sectional – A rehearsal for a subdivision or small group from with in an Ensemble. These rehearsals may be called by like instrument groupings or by different instruments that play the same PART. (Example: – CLARINET SECTIONAL for all members of the clarinet section; PART 1 SECTIONAL – for all members who play Part I including Flutes, Clarinets, Oboe, Trumpets and VIOLINS. Look for the words ALL INSTRUMENTS and a Part number to help clarify the intended grouping.
  6. Solo Studio – This opportunity is the newest addition to our program. Due to the positive experience of our “First Zoom Recital” we have added a Thursday evening Performance opportunity. Watch for instructions in the “Hot News” on our webpage for more information.
  7. Strings – Instruments of the String Family. (Violin, Viola, Cello, String Bass).
  8. Supervised Practice – This opportunity may be requested by an individual member or suggested by our staff. It is intended to provide a limited amount of one on one or small group supplemental instruction. It does not take the place of participation in an ensemble or performance and is restricted by the availability of our instructors and schedule.
  9. Woodwinds – Instruments of the Woodwind Family.(flutes, Oboes. Clarinets, Saxophones, Bassoons).

Interplay Between Zoom Meetings and Live Rehearsals

The Live rehearsal options do not take the place of, but augment our Zoom classes and lessons. Over the next months we will all be preparing and studying the same NEW MUSIC in each option.

The Zoom classes will be focused on technique and individual musical improvement.

The Live rehearsals will focus on Ensemble balance, interpretation, and musical performance techniques.

NOTE: We suggest that you take advantage of our webpage activities, our Zoom connections, and our live rehearsals. This great combination of all 7 will produce excellent musical results.