St. Paul’s Suite Jig

The Jig (Measurers 152 – 193)

Submitted by Connie

  1. Listen to all of the recordings in order
  2. Read each part as its layer is added
  3. See and Hear how our parts fit together

You can practice with any part you want. There are still a few things I haven’t figured out how to do in this program. One is mixed meter. So, the 2/4 measures at 170 are in 6/8. But on the up side, we can compare our 2/4 measures to the 6/8 counting. We can see and hear how they are the same. Another thing I need to figure out is the stem-slashing thing. So, the dotted half notes at 184 aren’t broken down into 8th notes.

As you listen to the audio scroll down to the music score and follow your part and see how it relates to the other parts.

Violin 1 only
Violin 1 & 2
Violin 1 & 2 & Viola
Violin 1 & 2 & Viola & Cello

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