Lunchtime with the Akron Symphony: September 26, (Saturday), 11am-1pm

Visit on September 26 and enjoy a lunchtime performance by the Akron Symphony Orchestra String Trio, part of their Interlude Season (ASO String Trio: Steve Ostrow, Sarah Husak, Jim Benson).

Pack your picnic lunch and enjoy music on the Gatehouse Welcome Center Veranda, picnic tables are provided or bring your own blankets or chairs. Café 1810 will Not be open, but cold beverages, beer and wine can be purchased in the MarketPlace. After the performance stay for the day and explore Ohio’s regional history across the 90 acre outdoor museum.

Recommended by Marilyn Katzmark

August 2020 Zoom Meeting Schedule Update

Click here to view the Zoom meeting schedule.
Click here for definitions of scheduling terms and phrases.

1) The month of August has been divided into alternating weeks of instructional opportunities. Week 1 and 3 are identical as are weeks 2 and 4.

2) Each of these four weeks have instructional opportunities listed on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The dates of the month are listed as are the times and the day of the week.

3) Jaime and Jim are sharing Zoom responsibilities and you can easily find the live rehearsal opportunities listed six times a month.

4) Jaime and Jim are both teaching sessions to players of ALL INSTRUMENTS on the same Repertoire. These special sectionals and rehearsals are organized by PARTS not by instrument families.

Our focus is not BAND and ORCHESTRA but ONE ENSEMBLE. We have had great success in previous performances using this technique. Trust us! This is the best focus for growth through our present situation.

5) You will always receive email or text messages if your class status has changed. If you have problems with the schedules or have not received communication from Jaime or Jim by Wednesday 8/5, please contact us.

6) Please understand that attending both Zoom and Live is extremely important to your musical growth. This program is designed to give you “safe choices”. Please report your attendance so that we can double check our records.

7) We continue to improve the quality of our Virtual experiences and capabilities. We have had our first successful Recital and are working on other Virtual Rehearsal and Performance Possibilities.  

8) You will be notified about music distribution opportunities as we continue to add six more new selections. Using the RESOURCES on our website is an important part of your individual success.

Lastly, thanks so much for the support of our Board of Directors: Jim Stahl, Mike Satola, Lee Nielson, Sandy Bee Lynn, Janet Scarry, Valerie Lukens, June Kelley through overcoming these past months.

Special appreciation goes out to Andy Rosenberg, Connie Stinnett, and Mindy Segal whose help has made our focus on the future possible. Jaime and I look forward to another positive month!


Many of you have been communicating with me requesting additional Zoom contact. I have been working hard to accommodate everyone’s requests. The newest Zoom feature is called “Supervised Practice”. This feature is a form of private lessons but is focused on the preparation of the music that we are presently distributing. We will concentrate on the understanding of style, techniques, melodic and harmonic rhythm. Our staff must limit our teaching schedules to 30 hours a month so new Small Group sessions will be announced before June 29th.


Please review and follow our posted “Safety Rules” . You will be directed to a special parking area by Maps Volunteers. Please stay in your car until Jim signals you to approach the entrance. If you need assistance carrying your equipment we can provide a helping hand. Everyone must wear a mask. We will take your temperature and ask you three questions. If you have not received your “New Music” Connie will be the first stop at the “Library Table” however, please remember to bring chorales #2 and #5. Also please bring your copy of the “National Anthem”. You may us your cell phone to sign in and please remember to wear your NAME TAG! One of our Members will take you to your color coded seating area. Please do not open your cases or start warming up until instructed to do so. It will be in the low 80’s so please bring your own water bottle. I’m sure you will enjoy this first training session and playing together with your friends once again in an ensemble. If you have any questions please call or text Jim. 330.858.2045

Things to do while social distancing

First consider an emergency preparedness kit recommended by the Summit County Health Department. 

Next browse some free (online) virtual concerts:

The Piano Concert – Every Thursday evening at 7:30PM 

Virtual shows from local artists 

Free live classical concerts to stream online 

Websites for online music lessons:

Teaching/learning music online.

Above submitted by Jamie Burke (violin).

String Players: Check This Out!

Recommended by Roy Ernst, founder New Horizons Music

I usually don’t make recommendations, but I want to be sure that you know about this. Using an app called Sit-ins, you can play your part with a professional string quartet.

If you’re a violist, for example, you can turn off the viola part and play with the rest of the quartet. Or, you can play along with the pro violist to be sure you have it right.

Right now this is only available for strings, but I hope that they will be adding wind groups. In order to enjoy this, it should sound like the quartet is right in the room with you, so get a good speaker or use good headphones.

The website is www. According to the website, repertoire includes over 100 classical string quartet and duet movements, from beginner to expert.

The app is only available on the iPad.

A subscription costs $56.99/year or $6.99/month. You can try it out with a limited quartet for free.

Please submit any links you would like to share.