Attendance Sign-In

The attendance sign-in now requires a password which was disclosed at the business meeting January 6. If you were not there please contact me at or at the sign-in desk today.

Walsh University strings schedule changes for January 9.

The beginner strings orientation class scheduled at Walsh University at 5pm Thursday January 9 is canceled.

Jaime will be a delayed for the 6pm string ensemble and asks that we start on time without her. HINT: On Monday the Cuyahoga Falls group rehearsed “Troika” and “River Flows In You”.

New Lost & Found Website Page

The Lost & Found page is a website tool to report items that have been lost or found.

Just complete the short form and your information will be posted to the website, and an email will be sent to all NHB members registered as website users.

The link to the Lost & Found Page is located in the Member Resources –> Membership Forms menu.

There is currently one item posted to the Lost & Found page.

Use the following link to access the Lost & Found page:


Wow! I really enjoyed our performance yesterday afternoon! Thanks for arriving early and helping in-load our equipment. Setting up and tearing down is always part of our performance! This time in particular it was well done, quick and efficient. Musically you spoke the language and it was understood! Bravo!!

Art Hensler has provided this information pertaining to next Sunday’s performance at the Advent Lutheran Church: Please don’t forget the Youth Group COOKIE SALE, and there will be milk and coffee in the Fellow ship Hall after the concert. Here are two nearby restaurants: CARLOS TRATTORIA – good inexpensive Italian restaurant on 619, 1.6 miles east of church (no alcohal on Sunday); Jerzees Sports Bar – 6.3 miles west on 619, near I-77 (lots of seats and TVs.