Total Ensemble Raiders March Virtual Performance Registration Form

Please acknowledge the following and then click on the registration button below.

I am very EXCITED about this opportunity to be part of our first Total Ensemble Raiders March Virtual Performance.

I will be happy to perform and record the Part that you assign me understanding that the correct balance and blend of this ensemble is an important reflection of our Musicianship.

I will follow the directions with respect to preparation, practice, and recording which I understand will be emailed to me as a result of my registration for membership in this project.

I understand that if I do not have the appropriate Devices, I can schedule time with you in our Cavalier Studio and still be part of this Virtual Performance.

I also understand that I can contact you directly with questions by cell or text at 330.858.2045, or e-mail at I will submit this form IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

Please complete the registration form for the Total Ensemble Raiders March Virtual Performance.

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