Good evening, everyone! Just want to take a moment to share with you all the POSITIVE FEELING of appreciation, achievement, and accomplishment that I have been feeling during the last six months.

I am so Blessed to have the opportunity to share with you all, my never-ending love of music. I can hear, see, and feel that you are growing toward this same inter glow as many of you are beginning to really feel the connection that we are making with our audiences. You are not just playing notes and making sound with your instruments you are connecting with them as your instruments becomes part of you and your inner feelings. Please remember that the more you know about the language the better you can use it to communicate your innermost artistic expressions. MUSIC IS THE LANGUAGE OF FEELINGS!!!!

I am also impressed with your deep feelings of cooperation and concern for each other. You may have noticed that each week we have different numbers of members who attend our classes and rehearsals. We are trying very hard to provide a schedule that is flexible, but also effective. We are carefully entering the time of the year during which our individual health becomes more challenged. Each week I have receive calls from responsible members who have made the correct decision to stay home simply because they feel that they are a little under the weather and do not want to put others in danger. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! These responsible decisions are what have allowed us to move forward and collectively advance our growth and understanding of the ART! MUSIC is like any other art form. It doesn’t exist in a unison format. It must be shared to exist, however taking care of yourself and being considerate of others is the formula for intelligent growth.

Finally, I need to express my sincere appreciation for the Board of Directors and Staff of our organization. I have the privilege of being surrounded by a team of people who REALLY CARE. They each understand the TRUE DEFINITION OF SUCCESS. They contribute their best efforts UNSELFISHLY toward the TEAM’S GOALS. They understand my old logo “FUN is spelled WORK, and WORK is spelled FUN.” MUSIC and Hard Work are the magic ingrediencies that are moving each of us forward. We are growing into something special, and I am so happy to be a small part in each member’s success. I’m so excited about our upcoming Concerts and a new year of continued growth!

\THANK YOU ALL! Each member is important! Remember…. I’M HERE FOR YOU!!!!


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Submitted by Mike Hoeprich (Violin)

RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) infections on the rise in Northeast Ohio

Here is info from the CDC website.

Northeast Ohio health officials warn that RSV is spreading earlier and faster this year than previous years. We are seeing a higher than normal membership reporting RSV-like symptoms.

RSV-infected adults typically have mild, cold-like symptoms only. These include:

  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Dry cough
  • Low-grade fever
  • Sore throat
  • Sneezing
  • Headache

RSV is especially worrisome among immunocompromised adults. The CDC warns that people with preexisting conditions, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and congestive heart failure, should be especially cautious during RSV surges. 


I meet with the Music Director of the St. Paul Church this morning who is very excited about your December 3rd performance. You will be pleased with the setup area and the wonderful acoustics of the Sanctuary. Now that I have visited the church I have talked with Jaime and suggested changing some of the parts around. These changes will improve the balance needed for performance in this very LIVE area. Please trust our experience knowing that these changes are necessary and musically advantages to our performance. We are in complete agreement knowing that we have the appropriate amount of rehearsal time to make these important adjustments. The Church has also agreed to open the Church for us on Friday evening December 2nd at 6:30 for a short rehearsal. You will not want to miss this rehearsal experience! Please remember that for both the rehearsal and performance you will be responsible for bringing your own music stand!



    December 3rd (Saturday) 6:30 call
    “Akron Community Concert” 7:00

    St Paul Catholic Church – 1580 Brown St. Akron 44301
    String Orchestra performing, winds please attend as audience.

    • St. Paul’s Song of the Birds

    December 11th (Sunday) 6:30 call
    Holiday Concert 7:00.

    Guardian Angels Catholic Church
    1686 S Cleveland Massillon Rd, Copley 44321

    • Westminster Fanfare
    • Song Of The Birds
    • Born This Happy Morn
    • Do You Hear What I Hear?
    • Twelve Days Of Christmas
    • Jazzy Holidays
    • Sleigh Ride
    • Let It Snow!
    • Frozen
    • White Christmas
    • Miracle On 34th Street

    Member Reflections

    Hello my friends and band mates, I wasn’t able to make it to practice because I have MS, which is exacerbated by the weather, however, I just wanted to share with you all my excitement about the strings performance on Monday, I enjoyed each song, especially Tocatina(I hope that’s right) and the band as well, I am looking forward to making beautiful music with you all, I also want to thank each of your help at various times.

    Fellow music lover, Abyemabi


    Hello Musicians and Lovers of Music! Please find below the road map for the new combination version of the St. Paul’s Jig and the Song of the Birds. Please simply follow the measure numbers and create your own sheet music part. do not try and jump back and forth between the two printed parts you have been issued. Turning pages will destroy the emotional effectiveness of this combination. If you need assistance simply contact me and I will help you simplify your copies. We will be rehearsing this selection this evening so I will be there to help you create copies that satisfy your needs. I’m EXCITED!!!!!! Jim

    St. Paul’s Song of the Birds


    Measures 1 – 52 ( end this section on the first beat of 52). GRAND PAUSE/SEQUE

    Song of the Birds

    Measure 1-37 ( entire selection). GRAND PAUSE/SEQUE


    Measure 192 – 217 (end this section on second beat). GRANDE PAUSE/ SEQUE

    Song of the Birds

    Measures 33 – 35 ( pp to mf this last statement of the Bird call end on the fermata) SEQUE


    Measures 220-221 (Tie fermata cresc. to beat one cut off at FFF and accent beat 2 of last measure).

    See you all tonight! We will rehearse again Monday before our St Paul Guests arrive. I’m sure they will be impressed and by the time of the concert WE will be at the TOP OF OUR GAME!!

    Jim and Jaime

    NHIMA Band Camp 2022

    This NHIMA band camp was a two-day camp consisting of one ensemble, that of a full concert band. There were five full band rehearsals, one set of sectionals, one session set aside for free time each day, and a final evening concert. There was one ensemble at this band camp, with no breakout sessions as is usual in a longer camp. A free time period was available for each of the two days.

    There was a great deal to do during free times. The venue is centrally located so there is easy access to shopping and exploring. In addition, the Chautauqua schedule of activities is full, so there were opportunities for entertainment and involvement.

    Lakeside Chautauqua is located on the Marblehead Peninsula in Ohio on the southwestern shore of Lake Erie. It is one of only a few continuously operating Independent Chautauquas that persist into the 21st century. It was formed in 1873 by members of the Methodist Church and remains a church-affiliated vacation resort. Lakeside is a cultural and educational movement that thrives as a place for all people to grow through lifelong learning. The entire community, approximately one square mile in size, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

    Here are some photos of the members who attended the camp.

    Carrie Cunningham, JoAnne Turner , Kathy Jesser, Jim Adkins, Joy Hart, Kathy Whalen, Lee Nielsen
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