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Concept and Philosophy

The New Horizons Band of Summit and Stark Counties is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to providing adult residents of Summit and Stark Counties an affordable opportunity to learn how to play an instrument and perform in a group setting. Our mission is to provide instruction and teaching in, and promotion of the arts to adults, specifically in instrumental music. 

Unlike most private lessons, we foster social bonds by providing our members opportunities to rehearse together and perform for the general public. Since our inception in 2004, over 400 people have participated as members, and hundreds of residents annually have attended our performances.

New Horizons Music programs provide entry points to music making for adults, including those with no musical experience at all and also those who were active in school music programs but have been inactive for a long period. Many adults would like an opportunity to learn music in a group setting similar to that offered in schools, but the last entry point in most cases was elementary school. New Horizons Music programs serve that need.

Read a message from the director Jim Adkins, and greeting from our sponsor James Stahl


Active participation in music fills important needs for adults – the need for challenging intellectual activity, the need to be a contributing member of a group, and the need to have exciting events in the future. For many people, music can serve these vital needs better than anything else. 

Music is a way of experiencing life. It can be the object of deep contemplation and a way of experiencing a broad range of emotions. It provides an opportunity to experience profound and serious thoughts or joyful moments. It makes connections to the past, the present, and the future. It also connects one to other individuals and other cultures. Making music is a way of making vital connections to life.

Many adults want to make lifestyle changes to improve and sustain good health. There is a growing body of evidence that music making supports good mental and physical health. Gerontologists have long known that socialization is an important factor for good health. The evidence is also strong that the “use it or lose it” principle applies to mental abilities as well as physical abilities. The constant mental challenge of learning music is an ideal form of exercise for our brains. The Music Making and Wellness [] movement is supporting research to investigate the link between active music making and wellness. Early studies indicate that music making can reduce depression and increase the strength of the immune system.

Meet Our Staff

Jim Adkins – Music Director

Jim retired as Director of Fine Arts and Instrumental Music at GlenOak High School in the Plain Local School District.

Jaime Madrigal – String Ensemble Instructor

Jaime is a former Plain Local School District teacher and a graduate of Kent State University. She earned a masters degree from VanderCook College of Music in Chicago.

Membership Information and Fees

Fees: The current membership fee is $28.00 per month, and is used to offset rental fees, music, supply costs, and part of our instructional costs This fee is to be paid by the first of each month. It may be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually, and may be paid by either cash or check, no credit cards please. Make checks payable to New Horizons Band.

We are fortunate to have a Sponsor and host that make the substantially larger costs of operating this organization possible.

Attendance at all rehearsals is desired but not required. Members have the option of attending more than once a week at the locations and times listed on the calendar. You are encouraged to constantly check the Calendar for changes to the schedule. When there is a sudden change due to weather, or if a cancellation is necessary, we will also place this information on the Home page.

Zoom meetings: Many of the live rehearsals are simultaneously broadcast through virtual Zoom meetings.

Notification: Each member is requested to check in before the beginning of each rehearsal by signing in through the NHB website. If it becomes necessary to miss a rehearsal or concert, please notify Jim Adkins of the absence. String players should notify Jaime Madrigal.

Music is the property of the band/strings and must be returned at the request of the Director. Method books are bought by each member and should be brought to all rehearsals and concerts.

UNIFORM: We have official New Horizons shirts (New Shirt Order Form) that we wear as our uniform during our many concert performances.
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