NHIMA Band Camp 2022

This NHIMA band camp was a two-day camp consisting of one ensemble, that of a full concert band. There were five full band rehearsals, one set of sectionals, one session set aside for free time each day, and a final evening concert. There was one ensemble at this band camp, with no breakout sessions as is usual in a longer camp. A free time period was available for each of the two days.

There was a great deal to do during free times. The venue is centrally located so there is easy access to shopping and exploring. In addition, the Chautauqua schedule of activities is full, so there were opportunities for entertainment and involvement.

Lakeside Chautauqua is located on the Marblehead Peninsula in Ohio on the southwestern shore of Lake Erie. It is one of only a few continuously operating Independent Chautauquas that persist into the 21st century. It was formed in 1873 by members of the Methodist Church and remains a church-affiliated vacation resort. Lakeside is a cultural and educational movement that thrives as a place for all people to grow through lifelong learning. The entire community, approximately one square mile in size, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Here are some photos of the members who attended the camp.

Carrie Cunningham, JoAnne Turner , Kathy Jesser, Jim Adkins, Joy Hart, Kathy Whalen, Lee Nielsen

Summer Recital #3 – September 22, 2022

Brass, Wind, and Strings Together

Violin Solo

Mike Hoeprich

Wind Ensemble, Satin Doll

Abyemabi Kwalume, Shirley Hicks, Art Hensler, Joy Hart, Carol Brill, Jim Adkins, Carrie Cunningham, Iskinder Arsano

Violin Solo

Marilyn Katzmark

Matelot String Quartet

Theresa Heaton, Mike Hoeprich, Andy Rosenberg, Cindy Ebner

Saxophone Solo

John Raskinski

Brass Trio

Joy Hart, Art Hensler, Kathy Jesser

Cello Solo

Connie Stinnett

Woodwind Duet

Anna Ayoub, Jim Stahl

String Ensemble

Heidi Hall, Rob McNair, Dave Lietz, Jaime Madrigal, Theresa Heaton, Mike Hoeprich, Jenny Krase, Donna Mullins, Jim Kimmel, Andy Rosenberg, Barb Sabett, Connie Stinnett, John Rasinski – Not on stage: Cindy Ebner, Debbie Huebeck, Don Strongoli, Jacquie Wallace, Jan Warner, Katherine Weaver

Summer 2022 Recital #2 – August 17, 2022

Novice Strings Ensemble

Jaime Madrigal, Jenny Krase, Carrie Cunningham, Marilyn Katzmark, Connie Stinnett, Debbie Huebeck, Jim Kimmel, Don Strongoli, John Rasinski

Sahara Crossing by Richard Meyer

Flute Solo

Lee Nielsen

Sciliano , Bach. And Danny Boy, Irish air

Violin Solo

Kay Lorson
Chancellor’s Waltz. By Texas Shorty Chancellor

Viola and Tenor Sax Duet

Connie Stinnett, John Rasinski

Stranger On The Shore by Acker Bilk

Clarinet Duet

Cal O’Connor, Carrie Cunningham
The Dancer

String Quartet

Heidi Hall, Jaime Madrigal, Kay Lorson, Connie Stinnett

The Shepherdess and the Cuckoo” by Herman Suter

Summer 2022 Recital #1 – July 20, 2022

String Orientation Ensemble

Bile Them Cabbage Down, Old Paint and, Sweet Betsy

Iskinder Arsano

Romanza by Ludwig van Beethoven (arr. Janice Karsey)
Kulun Mankualesh by Mahmoud Ahmed (reinterpreted solo from Ethiopiques Vol 3)

Connie Stinnett

Let There Be peace On Earth

String Quartet

Dave, Kathryn, Sandy, Jaime
“German folk song – Deutsches Volkslied”
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