Cello Players Begin a Small Study Group

Becky G., Andy R., Barb S., Valerie D.
Rob S., Valerie L.
As self-directed adult learners, our cello players are enjoying a few more hours of focused group practice. Study group sessions are on an as-needed basis between regular NHB weekly sessions. Sharing techniques to tackle some of the more challenging measures sure helps to keep us all on the same page and playing the same notes. 😀

First meeting Friday April 12, 2019

Reviewed recital pieces
Shared bowing and fingering techniques.

Helpful Internet Links

Recommended iPhone app (not available on Android): Sheet Music Scanner (IOS only) – Scans printed sheet music using the built-in camera and plays it for you.

Learning the Cello as a Adult
Inspiring the Adult Music Learner: Focus on Adult Cello Beginners

YouTube Cello Recommendations (Courtesy Robert Young)

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