Please allow me to start out by thanking all of you for your kind wishes, texts, email and phone calls. Lynne and I are 100% back and feeling well. Even Eddie the “Wonder Dog” is happy to have us both up and running at full steam!

I’d also like to thank Jaime, Bev and Cal for keeping rehearsals and classes going and our preparation for performances on schedule. The support of our Board of Directors and Volunteers is unsurpassed and whole heartedly appreciated!

OK, LET’S GET GOING!! We have two very important FULL REHEARSALS at the F.E.C. this week. News about upcoming PERFORMANCES, MORE NEW MUSIC, and lots of notes to play! “IT’S FUN, FUN, FUN, now that DADY TOOK THE T-BIRD AWAY!!!!” I’m excited and pumped up! Don’t miss either of these special rehearsals! In addition, please don’t forget that there are no classes or rehearsals on Wednesday evening the 29th. Come on out to the Huston Pub and catch the “Dukes of Darrowville”. The rehearsal schedule for July will be posted this week. The staff will be sharing Rehearsal and Class responsibilities as we are all very busy with Camps, Performances and vacations this month. We are asking for your continued cooperation with attendance and preparation as we all prepare for our busy recital and Concert Calendar!

Our first SUMMER Lawn Chair Concert is at the Emmanuel Church of Christ 16 Eastern Rd. in Doylestown on Sunday July 10th. The concert begins at 3:00 and your call time is 2:15. We will be wearing our Blue Shirts but please dress for summer comfort. (hats, shorts, sunscreen, drinking water, etc.). Remember that if you invite 3 , 0 come. Invite 5 you will get 2. Soooooo invite 10!!

Our second Summer Concert in something special that we have not experienced for a long time. On Saturday evening August 27th we will be performing on stage at the “Foeder House Royal Crown ” 2668 Easton Rd. NE N. Canton. This outdoor Concert will pack the house so please begin now to invite your friends and family. Fine Food and Excellent Kraft Beer! You don’t want to miss this one!!!!!

Our third Summer Concert is an “Oldy but a Goody” as we return once again to the Barberton MumFestival on Sunday September 25th.

Number four is what I call “A keep your fingers crossed performance”. As you know this event has been cancelled twice now and I believe that the third time is a charm! Please keep Sunday November 13th open for “The Festival of Trees” at the Knight Center.

We have not made any firm commitment for our Christmas Concert as of yet, but I do know that several potential hosts have interest in our return. I will book this December performance date in August or October so if you have a potential prospect, please have them contact me soon!




Hello all! We are very happy to welcome four new members to our ever-growing Band of Happy Musicians. Please visit our “Caring Corner” which will soon include a brief introduction of these new members.

I am so excited about our return performance at the “Ohio Veterans’ Memorial Park” 8005 Cleveland-Massillon Rd. in Clinton, Ohio 44216 on May 30th. Call time is 1:00 pm. We will move to performance PLACES at 1:10. Warm Up with Jaime at 1:20, and the Concert will begin at 1:30. Please wear your ROYAL BLUE ENSEMBLE SHIRT, but otherwise dress for comfort in the SUN! You may wear hats, sunglasses, and plenty of sunscreen! BRING DRINKING WATER!!!!! You must also bring your own music stand and music which you have prepared to combat the wind and can be raised and lowered for the finale piece “Stars and Stripes for Ever”. Here is the Concert Music Order:

  • National Anthem
  • Ukrainian National Anthem
  • Knights of Destiny
  • Liberty Bell March
  • Amparito Roca
  • God Bless the U.S.A.
  • Marches of the Armed Forces
  • God Bless America
  • Wreath-Laying Ceremony (U.S. Army Drum Cadence and Taps)
  • Stars and Stipes Forever.

Please bring family and friends understanding that this is a “LAWN CHAIR PERFORMANCE”. Chairs will be provided for the Musicians (performing Members of our Ensemble), but the audience must bring their own folding lawn chairs.

It is a great HONOR to be asked to perform in recognition of those Americans who have made the greatest of all sacrifices protecting and preserving our Liberty! I believe that this is the most important and most prestigious performance of the year. Thank you all for joining me in preparation for our absolute best effort!

Here are the tentative Summer and Autumn Performance Dates:

  • June 26th – Akron Cooperative Farm, Akron
  • July 10th – Emmanuel/Johnson Churches Concert, Doylestown
  • August 27th – Royal Docks Summer Party Concert; Canton
  • September 25th – Barberton MumFest; Barberton
  • November 13th – Festival of Trees; Knight Center, Akron

WE NEED HELP! If you own a Truck or large Van, please CONSIDER meeting us at the MAPS museum next Tuesday, May 17th at 2:00. We will be moving our music stands and timpani from storage at the museum to a rental facility in Wadsworth. Should only take about 2 hours! Thanks!!!!



NHIMA Lakeside Chautauqua Music Camp (Ohio) Registrations is NOW OPEN!

Pre-registration for NHIMA members opened on the 22nd and over 40 applications have been accepted. Pre-registration for non-members opens on the 29th. This two-day camp will be held on the shores of Lake Erie at historic Lakeside retreat on AUGUST 22-23, 2022. The camp is for winds and percussion (sorry no strings) and will end the two days of rehearsal with a concert performance. Instructional fees for NHIMA members $125.00; non-members $145.00. Conductors Linda Hartley (University of Dayton) and Ozgood Cowsnowski (me), have selected a concert repertoire of some of our combined GREATEST HITS. Food and housing arrangements at the onsite Historic Hotel are available at very reasonable cost and are your best Chautauqua experience! Come on out and meet Roy Ernst the founder of NHB as he will be sitting in on flute! It is a great opportunity to meet and perform with musicians from all over the county. For more information and registration please go to click on events, look for NHIMA Lakeside Chautauqua Music Camp.

Lynne and I are super busy packing and moving to what we are affectionally calling our Vacation Home. Please understand that my schedule is very full and over the next two weeks you will be seeing far less of me in person. We are very excited about the Spring Recital which you may all attend either in person or on Zoom this Thursday evening the 28th at 6:00 in the Sanctuary of the F.E.C. Please find the Zoom meeting numbers posted on the webpage. The “Dukes of Darrowville” are playing at the Houston Pub from 7:00 to 9:00 Wednesday the 27th so after the dress rehearsal join us! Also please remember that that there are no Wind Orientation or Novices classes that evening. I WILL BE AT LIVE REHEARSALS THIS EVENING, AND THE MAPS REHEARSAL AND CONCERT ON THURSDAY! Jaime, Bev, and Cal will be conducting FULL REHEARSALS next week. Jaime will covering her normal schedule however, all of my classes will be cancelled for the week!

Thanks, Jim


Our Spring rehearsals have been going exceptionally well and I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your hard work and cooperation. We have been accomplishing growth through attracting new members and contemporizing our organization. Your preparation through following our practice, class participation, and rehearsal instruction is a large part of our accomplishment. Thank you for welcoming Bev and Cal O’Conner to our staff. Please take a moment to personally welcome and thank them for sharing their talents with all of us at your earliest convenience.

We have been trying very hard to overcome the continued situations that we have with our Zoom broadcasts. These situations will be cleared up so please, please, PLEASE hang in there with us! An important part of this Virtual programing is the SPRING RECITAL that is coming up on Thursday, April 28th at 6:00. We want to fill the Sacturary of the church with an audience so if you are not already a performing member that night please attend live or on Zoom. Here are the planned performing ensembles:

ORIENTATION STRINGS; NOVICE STRING ENSEMBLE; PERCUSSION TRIO; THE ENTIRE BRASS SECTION. The Orientations Strings will be demonstrating their new musical abilities by performing the “Greatest Hits of Book One”. Novice String have prepared several of our “Favorite Tunes”. The Percussion Trio will perform a famous drum trio composed by two of the most famous percussionists of the 60’s Rot Burns and Saul Feldstein entitled “Three to Go”. The Finally of the recital is our entire BRASS SECTION performing the 18th centry classic “The Prince of Whales” known today as “Trumpet Voluntary”.

String performers will continue their preparation for this recital in Dress rehearsal during regularly schedule classes on Wednesday the 20th and Wednesday, the 27th. The Percussion Trio and Brass Section selection will be rehearsed as part of regular rehearsals on the 21st, 25th(F.E.C.) and 28th. (MAPS). AS ALWAYS I’M EXCITED!!!!



Good morning ALL! I’m sure you have seen the announcement concerning the first step in our improved NHB Business Plan, the changeover to an independent mailing address. As announced yesterday, all of our business mail must be sent to our independent address which is : NEW HORIZONS of SUMMIT AND STARK COUNTIES, INC. PO BOX 5394 FAIRLAWN, OH 44334. We have made arrangements with the Post Office to receive continuous delivery of all mail posted last month and continuing into March that was received at the old address. It simply will be forwarded to our new address. I have a list of all Fee Payment received and you will be able to contact me personally or by phone, text, email or Carrier Pigeon if you have concerns or simply want to make sure that your fee payment is listed. Please do not try to make a Membership Payment in person at the store. If you already have made a payment in person, please check in with me as they have been forwarded to me as well. The completely NEW PLAN will be explained at our March 14th ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING. I’m sure that you will be happy to learn that do to the good work of your BOARD OF DIRECTORS, our Membership Fee plan has been simplified and greatly improved!



2022 Schedule Announcement from Jim

Good evening! I’m sure that all of you are as anxious as I am to get back to making music together. Last evening our Board of Directors made a very conscientious and well thought out decision to recreate a schedule for this Spring that will keep us all moving musically forward while being safe with respect to each other’s health. I’ve spent most of the day reworking this Schedule and am waiting for approval of some of the necessary changes that I’ve made. I expect to be able to post the completed and approved schedule on Saturday. In the meantime, I’m posting this evening the major changes and points so that you can make plains and adjustments to your personal calendar.


1.Rehearsals and Classes will not start until Monday January 17, M.L.K. Day and all classes and rehearsals will be Zoomed so that all members can choose to participate virtually or in person.

2. All new equipment and software will be purchased, installed and tested before January 17th and ALL LIVE classes will be held at the F.E.C. and MAPS facilities.

3. Two new Teaching Members have been interviewed and added to our teaching staff, allowing us to begin with the focus on small group teaching and learning.

4. The schedule is progressive because as the covid spike begins to dissipate the schedule begins to return to a mix of small groups growing into larger ensembles. The main point is that we will be starting the schedule with fewer members in the building at the same time.

5. You will all be working on five new Full Ensemble Selections, Technique by Instrument Families, Small Group and Solo Recital Selections and much more!

6. The schedule will change and grow as the health issue allows for the SAVETY OF ALL MEMBERS. We anticipate these changes to be made monthly and will continue to be organized in the Monthly rotation of A and B weeks.

7. New Music will be passed out by drive by pick -up on posted Monday or Thursday evenings at the F.E.C.

8. Your Board continues to expect that you cooperate by observing all vaccination, boosters, distancing and mask wearing practices and recommendations which will be posted on our webpage.




Hello New Horizons of Summit and Stark Counties! Just a few words of thanks, instruction and information. 2021 was such an exciting year! I really feel that we all worked together creating some of the best performances of our history and without a doubt have enjoyed a huge musical growth. Thank you not only for your dedication, cooperation, commitment, and generosity but more importantly for your desire to grow!

I am very excited about kicking off 2022! Or Spring rehearsal schedule will be posted next week and will contain some very important changes and reorganization designed to offer more small group and sectional rehearsal opportunities. We will continue to rehearse and perform as one large string/ wind/ percussion ensemble as well. Our schedule will begin on Monday January 10th at the First Evangelical Church. Call a friend or former member and invite them back! You have an entire week to warm up and get your parts for “Evil Ways” and “Low Rider” down. That way we can sight read some other new FUN Charts as well!

We are working very hard to improve our Virtual program so that we can continue providing play along options for our classes and rehearsals. Our Board of Directors is presently reviewing our “Safe Health Guidelines” and will post our update of regulatory changes before January 10th here on our webpage. As in the past your cooperation and commitment to the health of all our members is paramount to our success. If you are a wind player, please try to practice with a mask that you have sliced so that you can play with a mask on. It may look silly and be harder to do but, in the end, it may help control and improve your ability to combat this virus. I truly believe that the shots and boosters will continue to prove to be our best defense. Together we can continue to commit to the safety practices that allow us to make music live and, in the moment, as it has always been intended to be.

I look forward to our next downbeat!



I’m sure that you all went home sharing the same feelings of accomplishment as I did! The audience understood the message that we spoke as an ensemble of MUCISIANS! Thank you for your courage and trust in me as we took another GIANT STEP in our growth. I appreciate your hard work and best efforts. I’m really looking forward to 2022!

Here are some informative notes on Thursday evenings RECITAL! Please arrive before 6:00 and find a seat in the Sanctuary. Unless you are performing in the recital you will not need your instrument. There will be no regular rehearsal. The recital will be very entertaining and last about one hour. Many of your friends will be performing as soloist or in small ensembles. A continuous “Holiday Trivia” game will be directed from the stage by our Host, Jaime. A grand prize will be awarded the highest scoring audience member.

At the conclusion of the recital, we will dismiss you by sections at which time you will proceed to our normal rehearsal area forming a line at the double doors. Please bring your copies of the following four Christmas Concert selections 1. Farandole, 2. Here Comes Santa Claus, 3. Do You Hear What I Here, 4. Charlie Brown. Simply place these masters in the appropriate box. Please stay in line as you cross the room to pick up your new parts for two new selections 1. Evil Ways and 2. Low Rider. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in getting this done quickly! Merry Christmas!

Your Freind in Music!




January Schedule News

Here we are two days away from kicking off the 2021 New Horizons of Summit and Stark Counties Zoom and Live Schedule. I could not be more EXCITED !! Jaime and I have been busy over the Holidays working hard to learn how to best use new techniques and equipment. Our goal as always is to offer all of you our very best musical experiences. We plan to use the remainder of the month of January to experiment, share , and implement some of what we have discovered and learned .

I’m sure that you have noticed that our January Zoom and Live Schedule is similar to that which we followed in the Fall. We will announce and post our Winter Schedule and all new features at our ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING on January 25th. We will meet at 7:00 using Zoom and will pack lots of news and information into 40 minutes. You will Join us using Jim’s Personal Link # which is 820 030 2594 and passcode which is Fenmo.

Even though a vaccine will be available to us soon we are increasing our virtual menu by growing our performance capabilities. Those of you who have been enjoying our Live schedule notice that for the next three weeks there are fewer Live options offered. This is for three reasons. 1). My responsibilities here at home have increased. 2). I need to use more time during this three week period to complete the change over and performance options that we want to introduce starting in February. 3). We are working hard to develop a sustainable Budget that provides you with a program that is enjoyable and musical rewarding. Hang in there with us! I’m sure you will enjoy growing with Jaime and I into a long term future of musical fulfillment.

My closing remarks are as always ones of respect and admiration. Your response and generosity throughout 2020 has been OVERWELMING. Your support has been an inspiration. I believe that each of you do in fact understand that MUSIC is the language of the human soul. I feel that I am accomplishing my purpose. Thank you!!


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