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Rehearsals Week of October 26

(October 29) – Music pickup at the Maps Museum from 1:45 – 2:30 pm for anyone who hasn’t picked up the new chorale #12.

(Posted September 2) – Updated Zoom meetings and Live rehearsals.

(Posted August 11) Play along performance pieces with YouTube

(Posted June 1) Play Along Corner.

(Posted May 5) – Share how you are experiencing your music .

(Posted April 4) – Seven Steps To a Super Sinatra.

Important Notes

Please bring your music for Chorales 2, 6, 7, and “The Star Spangled Banner” to all classes and rehearsals. As new music is distributed other patriotic and 2020 music from your previous folders will be posted. This included all winds, percussion and strings.

Jim’s Zoom classes will meet only on non-rehearsal days and Thursday classes will be rescheduled

String Players opting to attend Live Thursday rehearsals are expected to attend Monday Zoom Sectionals

Please observe the Live Music Rehearsal rules.

Have you ever wanted to learn to
play an instrument,
but never had the time or opportunity?

Would you like to relearn an instrument that you played long ago?

Join the New Horizons Band of Summit and Stark Counties!

The New Horizons Band is for anyone who wishes to experience the joy and satisfaction of learning an instrument, rehearsing, and performing with a group several times each year.

No musical experience is necessary!
Absolute beginners are welcome!

You’re never too old or busy to make music!
(Read story in Akron Beacon Journal)

The New Horizons Band of Summit and Stark Counties, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) organization, and is committed to providing instruction and teaching in and promotion of, the arts to adults, specifically in instrumental music.