Holiday Carol Trivia Recital

December 9, 2021

Left-to-Right: Harvey Jackson, Kahn Lee, Art Hensler, Carlos Miller, Sandy Boyes, Andy Rosenberg, Dennis Zerby, Donna Mullins, Marilyn Katzmark, John Rasinski, Kathy Jesser, Sandy Bee Lynn, Connie Stinnett, Valeria DiNarda, Anne Lazzerini, Debbie Huebeck, Jaime Madrigal


Harvey Jackson – French Horn
     O Holy Night

Sandy Bee Lynn and Andy Rosenberg – Viola Duet
     Good King Wenceslas

Dennis Zerby – Oboe
     In the Bleak Mid-Winter

Orientation Cello Trio
     Anne Lazzerini, Jaime Madrigal, Debbie Huebeck
Jolly Old St. Nicholas
Up on the Housetop

Kathy Jesser – Trombone
     Birthday of a King

Kathy Jesser and Connie Stinnett –
Trombone and Cello Duet
     O Little Town of Bethlehem

Connie Stinnett and Marilyn Katzmark –
Cello and Violin Duet
     Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

John Rasinski – Tenor Saxophone
     Tonight in Bethlehem

Novice Ensemble
     Sandy Boyes, Art Hensler, Marilyn Katzmark,
     and Carlos Miller, Violins
     Donna Mullins and Connie Stinnett, Violas
     Debbie Huebeck, Valerie DiNarda, Cello
     Jaime Madrigal, Bass
     Kahn Lee, Trumpet
Frosty the Snowman
Holly Jolly Christmas

Holiday Carol Trivia Recital Winners

Joyce Evans and John McDowell

2021 MAPS Veterans Celebration Concert

Saturday, August 14, 2021


  • Black Forest Overture – Michael Sweeney
  • God Bless America, Berlin, arr Jennings
  • The Liberty Bell, Sousa, arr Bocook
  • National Anthem
  • Marches of the Armed Forces
  • God Bless The U.S.A., Greenwood, arr Vinson
  • Rhapsody In Blue, Gershwin, arr Murtha

August 8, 2021 – Lawn Chair Concert #3

Cottage Grove Evangelical Church


National Anthem
Black Forest Overture – Michael Sweeney
Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky, arr Deterling
Raiders March, Williams, arr Lavender
Marches of the Armed Forces
Smoke on the Water, Blackmore, Gillan, Glover, Lord, Paice, arr. Murtha
William Tell Overture, Rossini
The Liberty Bell, Sousa, arr Bocook
Polka Party (Pennsylvania, Just Because, Chicken Dance), arr Murtha
God Bless The U.S.A., Greenwood, arr Vinson
It’s Miller Time
Rhapsody In Blue, Gershwin, arr Murtha
God Bless America, Berlin, arr Jennings

Zoom with the “Celebration of Learning Recital”

The “Celebration of Learning Recital” features players from the Orientation and Novice Ensembles.

1.) Cello Solo – Marcelo Biffe463e3469-0975-41c7-af92-65d58f1080db
Surprise Symphony Theme F. J. Haydn
Arr. R. Gillespie
2.) Orientation Ensemble
Susan Bacon (Viola),
Marcelo Biffe (Cello),
Cindy Ebner (Cello),
Karen Greathouse (Violin),
Debbie Huebeck (Cello),
Ruth Lamont (Violin),
Anne Lazzerini (Cello)
Tekele Lomeria Kenyan Warrior Song
Arr. J. Higgins
William Tell Overture G. Rossini
Arr. J. Higgins
Rockin’ StringsJ. Higgins
3.) Violin Solo – Ruth Lamontruth
Minuet No. 1J.S. Bach
Arr. J. Higgins
4.) Cello Solo – Cindy Ebner91c259fd-c4c0-40fc-af83-d9febaf31b4f
Minuet No. 2 J.S. Bach
Arr. J. Higgins
5.) Novice Ensemble
Susan Bacon (Viola),
Chris Blair (Viola),
Sandy Boyes (Violin),
Ruth Lamont (Violin),
Anne Lazzerini (Cello),
Connie Stinnett (Cello)
In The Bleak Mid WinterWinter G. Holst
Arr. J. Higgins
La Bamba Mexican Folk Song
Arr. M. Allen
6.) Everyone
Pomp and CircumstanceE. Elgar
Arr. M. Allen

Valentines Recital 2021

Valentines Recital 2021 – Program

Sign-in to Jaime’s Zoom meeting ID at 2 pm, Sunday February 14.

Print the program and follow along (download link below).

1. Ruth Lamont (Violin)Aura Lee
2. Marilyn Katzmark (Violin),
Connie Stinnet (Violin)
By E. Sheehan
Arr. By DK Music
3. Kay Lorson (Viola)Lover’s Waltz
By J. Unger and M. Mason
4. Connie Stinnett (Cello)Sunday Kind of Love
 By A. Leonard & S. Rhodes
5. Mike Hoeprich (Violin)La Mer (Beyond the Sea)
By C. Trenet
Arr. By A. Lasry & J. Lawrence
6. Valerie Di Narda (Cello)Can’t Help Falling In Love
By G. D. Weiss, H. Peretti, L. Creatore
7. Dylan Trautman (Violin)Courante
By J.S. Bach
Arr. By S. Suzuki
8. Jaime Madrigal (Double Bass)Misty
By E. Garner
9. John Rasinsky (Tenor Saxophone)All of Me
By J. Legend
10. Bach Strings Ensemble
Jim Adkins (Bass Guitar),
Marilyn Katzmark  (Violin), 
Dave Lietz (Violin),
Rob McNair (Violin),
Barbara Sabett (Cello),
Connie Stinnett (Cello),
Kathy Whalen (Oboe)
Words and Music by Ruth Friedman,
Larry Moore, arr.

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