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New Horizons Band
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Providing the Opportunity For Life Enrichment Through Embracing Music

The New Horizons Band of Stark and Summit Counties (NHB) was formed in 2005.  In 2007, NHB was incorporated and registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Our activities are funded by membership fees, grants, and donations.  Pre-COVID, our membership roster was growing at a healthy pace and topped-off at 130 with members from communities all around North East Ohio.  Our on-line offerings have helped to reach new members from much further away. We currently have 80 active members who continue to enhance their skills and provide musical enjoyment for audiences.  We encourage interested musicians – at any level – to join us.

We welcome donations to support our expansion of music-making opportunities for adults. Donations to NHB are used to sponsor scholarships, purchase new music for the band, rent a truck(s) to get equipment to performance sites, instructor salaries, and much more.

There are several ways you can help us realize our goals.  Contributions in the form of memorials, personal tributes, or individual donations – no matter how large or small – will go far to help our experienced and budding adult musicians discover their own harmonious new horizons. Thank you for your generous support.

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The New Horizons Band of Summit and Stark Counties, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) organization, and donations are deductible in the US to the extent permissible by law.

In Memory / Honor of

DateDonorMemorial / In Honor of
2022Gregory AschelmanIn Memory of Enid Russell
2022Pam & Glenn ChristnerIn Memory of Enid Russell
2022Elaine ForschIn Honor of Enid Russell
2022Marjorie ForschIn Memory of Enid Russell
2022Cathryn GoudyIn Memory of Enid Russell
2022Kathryn JesserIn Memory of Timothy Jesser
2022Cassandra MathewIn Memory of Enid Russell
2022Donald & Cynthia MathiasIn Memory of Enid Russell
2022Suzanne Ly Sing SaoIn Memory of Enid Russell

In Recognition of

DateDonorIn Recognition of
2022Mark & Ann PerlmutterIn Recognition of Jim Adkins

Donor List 2023

Joyce EvansSaxophone
Khanh LeTrumpet
Lee  NielsenFlute
Mark S. PerlmutterTenor Saxophone
Jim Slater – Slater & Zurz LLPSponsor
Speelman Electric, IncSponsor
James StahlClarinet

Donor List 2022

Maryann AguilarPercussion
Iskinder ArsanoSaxophone
Sandy Bee LynnViola
Sue BurkeyViolin
Debbie CollierClarinet
Kathleen ComptomViolin
Diana DukeFlute
Joyce EvansSaxophone
Karen GalehouseViolin
Joy P. HartCornet
Jon HawesTrumpet
Debbie HeubeckCello
Shirley HicksClarinet/Sax
Michael HoeprichViolin
Marilyn KatzmarkViolin
June KelleyClarinet
Jenny KraseViolin
Abyemabi KwalumeTrombone
Sharon LawrenceCello
Dave LietzViolin
Kay LorsonViola
John McDowellSaxophone
Tim MillerEuphonium
Lee NielsenFlute
Mark PerlmutterEuphonium
Annie RadcliffeFrench Horn
Rodger RamsthalerEuphonium
John E. RasinskiSaxophone
Roger ReamTuba
Kandace RichardsonFlute
Marsha RosenbaumNHB Friend
Andrew RosenbergViola
Kevin RuddBass Guitar
Connie StinnettCello

Donor List 2021

Iskinder ArsanoSax
Sandy Bee LynnViola
Lydia BozemanViolin
Paul & Mary Kay Burnett NHB Friend
Joyce EvansSax
Joy P. HartCornet
Shirley HicksClarinet/Sax
Michael HoeprichViolin
Karen Isaiah NHB Friend
Kathryn JesserTrombone
Marilyn KatzmarkViolin
Dave Kettlewell NHB Friend
Jenny KraseViolin
Kay LorsonViola
Valerie LukensCello
Donna MullinsViola
Lee A, NielsenFlute
Thomas O’wesneyClarinet/Sax/Flute
Mark S. PerlmutterSax
John E. RasinskiSax
Marsha RosenbaumViolin
Andrew RosenbergViola
Janet ScarryFlute
John K. SederwallEuphonium
Connie StinnettCello
Jacquie WallaceViolin
Kathryn WeaverViolin


Donor List 2020

Maryann AguilarPercussion
Jim AdkinsDirector
Marcelo BiffeCello
Dan BudrowTenor Sax
Sue BurkeyViolin
Michael CampbellTuba
Rosalie CavettViolin
Carl CanonTuba
Sharley ChangFlute
Frederica Cohen*Instructor
Joyce EvansSax
Becky GreenCello
Rosemary Floccari NHB Friend
Jon HawesTrumpet
Deborah HeubeckCello
Shirley HicksClarinet/Sax
John HollinAlto Sax
Sue Hyatt*Cello
Kathryn JesserTrombone
Katharine JonesViolin
June KelleyClarinet
Julie KennedyViolin
Mary Ann and James KimmelViolin
Martha KlipecViolin
Ray Labuda*Viola
Margaret LamontCello
Sharon LawrenceCello
David LietzViolin
Kay LorsonViola
Pat Lyall
Jim Lyall
Sandy Bee LynnViola
Jaime MadrigalString instructor
John McDowellSax
Carol Miller*Sax
Timothy MillerEuphonium
Donna MullinsViola
Lee NielsenFlute
Jacqueline OwenViolin
Lucy PramudjiViolin
Anne RadcliffeFrench horn
Sam Rajiah *NHB Friend
Roger RamsthalerEuphonium
John RasinskiSax
Roger ReamTuba
Cathy RichardsViolin
Kandace RichardsonFlute
Marsha Rosenbaum*Violin
Kevin RuddBass guitar
Steve & Linda RyanBass clarinet
Chuck SandstromTrombone
Nancy SauerFlute
Judy and Al SmithHarmonica
Frank SnowClarinet/Tenor Sax
Jim StahlSponsor/Clarinet
Connie StinnettViolin
Michael SvastaViolin
Herb ThompsonAlto/Bari Sax
Moshe ToremClarinet
Sharon TriffonFlute
Nancy VickroyTrumpet
Kathryn WeaverViolin
Kevin WestTrombone/Euphonium
Kathy WhalenOboe
Bill WilkersonTrombone
Debbie WithnellPercussion


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