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Week of October 3

October 2022 Schedule

Week of October 3 – First Evangelical Church

  • 6:00 – 8:00 All instruments including Orientation and Novice. – Zoom 1

Zoom Meetings

All members are invited to JOIN virtually, any and all classes. You are not limited to attend only classes for your instrument family or level. They are all play along broadcasts. That means that we are all working on the same Concert Selections and Chorales. Your Mic will be muted so you will be able to see the teacher and hear the live members, but they will not be able to hear you.

Terms used in the Calendar

  1. All Instruments – Indicates that a practice, rehearsal or sectional, either Zoom or Live, is open to any member playing Wind, String, or Percussion instruments. Our program focus, during this period, centers our study through one large Ensemble. We will rehearse and perform as a String, Wind, and Percussion Ensemble. We are neither a Band nor an Orchestra but an Ensemble of Musicians enjoying growth through the sharing of our talents.
  2. Brasswinds – Instruments of the Brass Family. (Trumpets, Horns, Trombones, Euphoniums, Tuba).
  3. Novice – A playing ability level, beyond Orientation but not yet enjoyed by a consistent Intermediate player.
  4. Orientation – A playing ability level during which a comfort zone is reached between the beginning student of music and their instrument, notation, practice commitment, rehearsal techniques and mental musical comprehension.
  5. Sectional – A rehearsal for a subdivision or small group from with in an Ensemble. These rehearsals may be called by like instrument groupings or by different instruments that play the same PART. (Example: – CLARINET SECTIONAL for all members of the clarinet section; PART 1 SECTIONAL – for all members who play Part I including Flutes, Clarinets, Oboe, Trumpets and VIOLINS. Look for the words ALL INSTRUMENTS and a Part number to help clarify the intended grouping.
  6. Solo Studio – This opportunity is the newest addition to our program. Due to the positive experience of our “First Zoom Recital” we have added a Thursday evening Performance opportunity. Watch for instructions in the “Hot News” on our webpage for more information.
  7. Strings – Instruments of the String Family. (Violin, Viola, Cello, String Bass).
  8. Supervised Practice – This opportunity may be requested by an individual member or suggested by our staff. It is intended to provide a limited amount of one on one or small group supplemental instruction. It does not take the place of participation in an ensemble or performance and is restricted by the availability of our instructors and schedule.
  9. Woodwinds – Instruments of the Woodwind Family.(flutes, Oboes. Clarinets, Saxophones, Bassoons).

New Teaching Staff

You will notice that we are privileged to have added two new members to our teaching Staff. Bev and Cal O’Connor are two seasoned Veterans of the Wonderful World of Music and I’m so excited to have them on Board. We are continuing to increase our team approach to introducing best practice methodology and their addition is certain a giant step in our progress. You may also have noticed that Jaime and I are working together in the Monday evening String orientation class. By the end of February, you will see all four of us in Full Ensemble. Hey! WHAT’S A PARTY FOR!?!

How to Reload the Calendar Web Page

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