Important Schedule Changes for Today and Upcoming Week(s).

In compliance with Governor DeWine’s latest State COVID-19 Control Regulations we have decided to cancel FULL LARGE GROUP COMBINED REHEARSALS today at the Maps Museum.

We have cancelled the Full Combined Rehearsals to be held next week at the First Evangelical Church. However, the three Ensembles scheduled to perform on the December 11th Zoom Recital will rehearse each in a different area of the church facility on the 16th, 19th, and 30th from 6:00 – 8:00.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during these hard times. Please call me this morning with questions.

Keep Practicing! Attend Sectional and Individual Practice Zoom Sessions! Staying positive will help each of us get through this! Together We Can!


Upcoming Recital Information

Our 5th Zoom Recital is entitle “CHRISTMAS TRIVIA”. It will be broadcasted on Friday December 11th at 7:00pm. Hosted by Jaime Madrigal, members will Zoom their favorite Christmas Carols or Solo Holiday selections from their Homes. The recital opener and closer will be performed by the Big Horn Brass and the Bach Strings broadcasted from the Caviler Studio. Join with Jaime’s personal Link # 662 560 0227 and Passcode ( jc6pFx). Take advantage of this opportunity to share your Musical Christmas wishes with all of us! Contact Jaime NOW!! Register as a soloist! You have more than a month to practice! Come on it’s really Fun!!!!! Get on line and down load your favorite Christmas Tune music now! If you need help reach out to either of us! THE HOLIDAYS ARE ALL ABOUT SHARING! PLAY FOR US!!!!!

EVERYTHING BEST! Jim 330.858.2045


It’s the Holiday season and as always I’m SUPER EXCITED!!! Please check out both the LIVE and the ZOOM November and December schedules as these opportunities are planned with everyone’s best interests in mind! We are adding video to the webpage and expanding of Zoom capabilities. PLEASE ELECT TO ATTEND BOTH THE NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER ZOOM RECITALS!!

EVERYTHING BEST! Jim 330.858.2045

Updated Zoom and Live Schedules

The Zoom meeting and live rehearsal schedules are now available for the rest of 2020.

There are no meetings or rehearsals the week of November 23 (Thanksgiving week).

The last day of meetings and rehearsals in 2020 is December 17, and they will restart the week of January 10th.

(Posted October 31) – Updated Zoom meetings and Live rehearsals.