Valentines Recital 2021

Valentines Recital 2021 – Program

Sign-in to Jaime’s Zoom meeting ID at 2 pm, Sunday February 14.

Print the program and follow along (download link below).

1. Ruth Lamont (Violin)Aura Lee
2. Marilyn Katzmark (Violin),
Connie Stinnet (Violin)
By E. Sheehan
Arr. By DK Music
3. Kay Lorson (Viola)Lover’s Waltz
By J. Unger and M. Mason
4. Connie Stinnett (Cello)Sunday Kind of Love
 By A. Leonard & S. Rhodes
5. Mike Hoeprich (Violin)La Mer (Beyond the Sea)
By C. Trenet
Arr. By A. Lasry & J. Lawrence
6. Valerie Di Narda (Cello)Can’t Help Falling In Love
By G. D. Weiss, H. Peretti, L. Creatore
7. Dylan Trautman (Violin)Courante
By J.S. Bach
Arr. By S. Suzuki
8. Jaime Madrigal (Double Bass)Misty
By E. Garner
9. John Rasinsky (Tenor Saxophone)All of Me
By J. Legend
10. Bach Strings Ensemble
Jim Adkins (Bass Guitar),
Marilyn Katzmark  (Violin), 
Dave Lietz (Violin),
Rob McNair (Violin),
Barbara Sabett (Cello),
Connie Stinnett (Cello),
Kathy Whalen (Oboe)
Words and Music by Ruth Friedman,
Larry Moore, arr.

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