New Horizons Live Music Schedule Changes

July 9 (Thursday) – rehearsal canceled.
July 13 (Monday) Music pickup at First Evangelical Church – No rehearsal.

The Staff and Board of Directors appreciate the cooperative spirit expressed by our members as we introduce and implement “Music for Life” a new design in our schedule.

Flexibility and rapid change are elements of success in the Twenty First Century. We are using those two elements, through technology, to constantly evaluate the effectiveness of each rehearsal, class, and lesson. “Musical Safe Zones” help us maintain a positive learning environment and are also supported by the climate of the physical plant or location of each learning experience.

The warm trend this summer is expected to continue through this week making rehearsal at the Maps Museum this Thursday July, 9th uncomfortable to the point of become non-productive. Therefore, we are canceling that rehearsal.

New Music Distribution for all members is now scheduled for Monday evening July 13th from 6:00 – 7:30 at the First Evangelical Church 369 Woodsdale Ave. in Akron.

We will use the Drive -By technique which was so successful in June. Please take advantage of picking this music up personally next Monday as your preparation will save huge amounts of time in the remaining schedule of unchanged July Live and Zoom meetings.You will not even have to get out of your car as you receive a new chorale and two musical selections. Looking forward to seeing you all next Monday and thank you in advance for your cooperation!

  Jim Adkins

Cellist Aaron Fried – Zoom Performance July 12

Submitted by Sandy Bee Lynn

Cellist Aaron Fried will perform the Bach Cello Suite No. 1, and The Swan by Camile Saint Saens. His performance will be an online interactive Sunday worship through the Emanuel United Church of Christ Zoom meeting July 12 at 10:30 a.m. Here is the meeting information:
Meeting ID: 873 3986 9440

“Aaron Fried is a cellist, multi-instrumentalist, educator, arranger, and composer, with a career that spans across North America.

Aaron has performed with various ensembles such as FiveOne Experimental Orchestra, The Traverse Symphony Orchestra, The Cleveland Opera, Earth and Air String Orchestra, The Boston Philharmonic, Muziko Mondo, Chamber Music Silicon Valley, Symphony Nova Scotia, and the Porthouse Theatre Orchestra.

In 2016, Aaron was a member of one of two ensembles selected to perform in the Juilliard Quartet seminar, where he performed alongside Juilliard faculty member Joseph Lin.”
— from

Way to go, Dylan!

Submitted by Dave Lietz

Dylan – Thanks so much for posting about your experience; sharing your love of music with your family and neighbors. Music is a great gift that can bring us all together, and we so need that today!

I really enjoy the Zoom sessions with Jaime and the others in the String ensemble. It keeps me on task with my violin practice and it’s just good to “see” others in the group. Hope to actually assemble safely again soon – DAVE

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Gathering the Neighbors

Submitted by Dylan Trautman

My Dad, Andy, and I play together a lot. He plays guitar, and I play violin or viola. With my electric Wood Viper 6 string violin I can play both by reaching into lower strings.

Last Saturday morning we took our garage band to the front porch for a concert. My long-time violin teacher, Michael, came and brought his young son and his violin, and joined us on a few numbers.

We played for about 45 minutes and performed many Americana pieces–everything from country swing to Cajun waltzes to traditional fiddle. Neighbors brought out chairs and blankets, people stopped their bikes and walks to sit on the grass, and a car even pulled into the driveway.

We met new neighbors. Everyone socially distanced, danced, and had a great time! People asked, “When’s the next concert?” So we are working on patriotic pieces and more for July. We weren’t expecting so many people (or anyone other than our immediate neighbors, really), but we’re all hungry to connect and be out safely. I was glad our music reached out to everyone. I am inspired to continue to put programs together, practice, and plan some performances for over the summer.

A note from Dylan’s Mom Jayne–

I helped Dylan write his post, as he wanted to share what he’s been doing. We really were amazed at the response that morning. The continued viola sectionals with Jaime and the Skype violin lessons with Michael have been a big help to encourage Dylan to purposely practice and have some things to plan for. Dylan’s day program closed at the beginning of the pandemic, and I haven’t heard of plans to reopen. So music is the center of daily activities for us. And our dog has never been walked so much! We hope everyone is healthy and safe, and enjoying music!

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Play Along Music Distribution Today (June 1) and Thursday (June 4)

PLAY ALONG MUSIC DISTRIBUTION:  We are taking this opportunity to introduce you to a new friend and host for our New Horizons Program. The Board of Directors and Congregation of the “First Evangelical Church” located at 369 E. Woodsdale Ave. Akron, Ohio, have invited us to use their Church as HOME BASE!

We have organized two evenings, Monday June 1st and Thursday June 4th, from 5:30 until 7:00 during which you may drive into the church parking lot and be directed to a drive by music pick up stand.

Simply follow the directions of the parking lot staff who will form you into a line that will pull up to a table. Connie Stinnett will hand you the Play Along Music and Instruction Sheet through your window. She will be wearing her mask and we ask you to do the same.

If you would like a short tour of the building please pull into a parking space and Carrie Cunningham will be your escort through the facility.

We again ask that you follow the correct best practice safe mask and hand washing protocols suggested by our State and Federal authorities.

Please allow me to take a minute to thank Carrie, Connie , and Marilyn Katzmark for their help in making this introduction to our newest host possible.

View instructions for the “Play Along Corner” chorales music handouts.

Dangerous tootling

Submitted by Lee Nielsen – Flute

This evening while playing outside near a lovely hanging plant, I was buzzed by a bee. He ? circled me several times then landed on my flute. Yikes. Next he headed straight for my lips. I turned away quickly but dropped a beat on the last note. Key learning: Flowers attract bees, expect to get stung. Duh!

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Change Zoom Settings to Enhance Your Zoom Music Experience

Zoom was originally intended for speaking, so the default audio settings are optimized for normal speech and designed to filter out background noise and loud sounds. Unfortunately these settings do not work well with music.

Are you noticing the sound cutting in and out while you play your instrument during your online lessons? Does the instrument sound garbled on the other end when you try to play? Are you having trouble hearing dynamic contrast?

You can mitigate these sound issues by following these few steps.
Click here for a Mobile App
Click here for Laptop/Desktop settings

Music Settings For a Mobile App

Open the Zoom app and click on the settings icon.

Click on Meetings

Scroll down to the “Use Original Sound” item.
The default is off, as shown below.
Click on the switch so that it moves to the right and turns green.

This completes the settings configuration.
To return to the main page click on the arrow (<) at the top left side of the page and then click on “Meet and Chat” on the bottom left of the next page.

This last step is required each time you sign in to a Zoom meeting.

After you sign in to the meeting, tap on the screen to display the menu at the bottom of the page.
Click on the “More” option.

Click on “Enable Original Sound”.

That’s it – your music should sound much better.

Music Settings On a Laptop/Desktop

Click on the Settings gear icon at the top right

Click on Audio in the settings page.

Uncheck the “Automatically adjust microphone volume” button.
Then click on the “Advanced” button.

Click on “Show in-meeting option” to Enable Original Sound from microphone.

When you sign in to a meeting “Turn on Original Sound” will appear at the top left side of the page. Click on that link to remove the audio processing to hear music without distortion.

When Your “Have Tos “ are Gone

Submitted by Marilyn Katzmark – Violin

I have to be honest with you, between work, music obligations, and grandchildren, I normally have next to no free time. Although practicing is a “want to”, it’s on my “have to” list. Even though I’m medical, my outpatient center closed. I spent a month feeling very lost without a schedule. All my “have tos” were gone. I couldn’t even follow through with practicing for private lessons.

Anyway, I did slowly adjust. As far as music, I tried to concentrate on the things I normally don’t have time to do. I’ve had a music theory book/workbook sitting on my dresser for a year. I started working on that – my weakest area. And I found out there’s no reason why I can’t do this before I go to sleep when I go back to work.

I love to let my mind think of music and lyrics. I was able to put a song I wrote in the computer. This normally takes me forever. I have little ditties (maybe 8-16 measures)in my phone that I’ve recorded so I won’t forget them- for when I have time. I was able to take one of those ditties and work on it from beginning to end. Eventually I started lessons and NH again. My teacher gave me an awesome song to work on ,“Meditation” from the opera Thais.

My favorite memory though will be my granddaughter asking for help on some music her trumpet teacher had given her. She’s too shy to practice in front of her family but she felt comfortable enough to have me play with her and listen to her. I felt truly honored. I can’t wait til she can play “What a Wonderful World” with me.

So I’m glad I’ve had this time with no “have tos”. It gave me some much needed respite so I can deal with my last 3 years of work. And when I retire I want to do some more of these projects.

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