August 2020 Zoom Meeting Schedule Update

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1) The month of August has been divided into alternating weeks of instructional opportunities. Week 1 and 3 are identical as are weeks 2 and 4.

2) Each of these four weeks have instructional opportunities listed on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The dates of the month are listed as are the times and the day of the week.

3) Jaime and Jim are sharing Zoom responsibilities and you can easily find the live rehearsal opportunities listed six times a month.

4) Jaime and Jim are both teaching sessions to players of ALL INSTRUMENTS on the same Repertoire. These special sectionals and rehearsals are organized by PARTS not by instrument families.

Our focus is not BAND and ORCHESTRA but ONE ENSEMBLE. We have had great success in previous performances using this technique. Trust us! This is the best focus for growth through our present situation.

5) You will always receive email or text messages if your class status has changed. If you have problems with the schedules or have not received communication from Jaime or Jim by Wednesday 8/5, please contact us.

6) Please understand that attending both Zoom and Live is extremely important to your musical growth. This program is designed to give you “safe choices”. Please report your attendance so that we can double check our records.

7) We continue to improve the quality of our Virtual experiences and capabilities. We have had our first successful Recital and are working on other Virtual Rehearsal and Performance Possibilities.  

8) You will be notified about music distribution opportunities as we continue to add six more new selections. Using the RESOURCES on our website is an important part of your individual success.

Lastly, thanks so much for the support of our Board of Directors: Jim Stahl, Mike Satola, Lee Nielson, Sandy Bee Lynn, Janet Scarry, Valerie Lukens, June Kelley through overcoming these past months.

Special appreciation goes out to Andy Rosenberg, Connie Stinnett, and Mindy Segal whose help has made our focus on the future possible. Jaime and I look forward to another positive month!

New Horizons Live Music Schedule Changes

July 9 (Thursday) – rehearsal canceled.
July 13 (Monday) Music pickup at First Evangelical Church – No rehearsal.

The Staff and Board of Directors appreciate the cooperative spirit expressed by our members as we introduce and implement “Music for Life” a new design in our schedule.

Flexibility and rapid change are elements of success in the Twenty First Century. We are using those two elements, through technology, to constantly evaluate the effectiveness of each rehearsal, class, and lesson. “Musical Safe Zones” help us maintain a positive learning environment and are also supported by the climate of the physical plant or location of each learning experience.

The warm trend this summer is expected to continue through this week making rehearsal at the Maps Museum this Thursday July, 9th uncomfortable to the point of become non-productive. Therefore, we are canceling that rehearsal.

New Music Distribution for all members is now scheduled for Monday evening July 13th from 6:00 – 7:30 at the First Evangelical Church 369 Woodsdale Ave. in Akron.

We will use the Drive -By technique which was so successful in June. Please take advantage of picking this music up personally next Monday as your preparation will save huge amounts of time in the remaining schedule of unchanged July Live and Zoom meetings.You will not even have to get out of your car as you receive a new chorale and two musical selections. Looking forward to seeing you all next Monday and thank you in advance for your cooperation!

  Jim Adkins

Way to go, Dylan!

Submitted by Dave Lietz

Dylan – Thanks so much for posting about your experience; sharing your love of music with your family and neighbors. Music is a great gift that can bring us all together, and we so need that today!

I really enjoy the Zoom sessions with Jaime and the others in the String ensemble. It keeps me on task with my violin practice and it’s just good to “see” others in the group. Hope to actually assemble safely again soon – DAVE

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