New Lost & Found Website Page

The Lost & Found page is a website tool to report items that have been lost or found.

Just complete the short form and your information will be posted to the website, and an email will be sent to all NHB members registered as website users.

The link to the Lost & Found Page is located in the Member Resources –> Membership Forms menu.

There is currently one item posted to the Lost & Found page.

Use the following link to access the Lost & Found page:

Attendance Report Update

We made a few changes to the attendance report based on member actions and feedback.

Field 1 – Enter you 4 digit member ID number (available at the sign-in desk).

Field 2 – (REQUIRED) Enter your first and last name.

Field 3 – (REQUIRED) Sign-ins can be proceed anytime during the day of rehearsal. If signing-in before arriving, select “I will attend today,” and if signing-in during rehearsal select “I am here” .

Field 4 – (REQUIRED) Select the date of the rehearsal.

Field 5 – Enter your email address. Not required, but it provides us with a current point of contact.

Field 6 – Message is not required but it provides a way to offer comments if you choose.

Performance at MAPS Air Museum

Veterans Day Celebration – November 9, 2019

Veterans Day celebration program with New Horizons participation highlighted in yellow.

Comments from Attendees

“…the orchestra was invigorating with their songs that were all on pitch and time…”

“I hope your members enjoyed our program as well!  Thank you for your service to our veterans and MAPS!”

“On behalf of the MAPS Air Museum, I would like to thank you and your orchestra for an outstanding performance!  Not only did they sound fantastic, but all were very professional as well!  Your practice and hard work did not go unnoticed!”

Valerie Street Kinney
Veterans Celebration Coordinator
MAPS Board of Directors
2260 International Parkway North Canton, OH 44720

Barberton Mum Festival

Journey FanFare Paul Murtha, arr.
Windy Ruthann Friedman
Larry Moore, arr.
Disney Film Favorites Johnnie Vinson, arr.
Top of the World John Bettis
Richard Carpenter
Larry Moore, arr.
Gabriel’s Oboe Ennio Morricone
Robert Longfield arr.
Hooked on a Feeling Mark James
Paul Murtha, arr.
Journey in Concert Paul Murtha, arr.
Respect Ottis Redding
Johnnie Vinson, Arr.
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Fun Time Picnic is ON!

Hi all,

The Fun Time Picnic is on, the weather looks great and we are ready to party!

If you still haven’t signed up, our grill master (appropriately named: Mike McMaster!) assures us he can handle more. So sign up by sending Lee a note ( and paying at the picnic.

Also, we now have FIVE acts for the Member Showcase but are thrilled to accept more. If you are busy practicing and want to share with us, please let Lee know (same email above) as we are putting together a program.

And remember: Please bring a dish to share: salads, vegetables, desserts, or ???. We also will provide water and paper products. If you want drinks other than water, please bring it.

See you next Saturday at 4 pm.


Scales, Number Patterns and “Respect”

C Major
F Major Scale – 1 Flat
B Flat Major – 2 Flats
E Flat Major – 3 Flats
A Flat Major – 4 Flats
D Flat Major – 5 Flats
G Flat Major – 6 Flats
C Flat Major – 7 Flats

Number Patterns

Group 1Group 2Group 3
1 3 5 3 11 2 3 13 4 5 1
5 3 1 51 2 3 5 13 4 5 3 8
8 5 3 13 2 1 3 53 4 5 1 3
8 5 3 5 11 2 3 1 3 5 83 4 5 1 5
3 5 8 5 31 2 3 1 5 13 4 5 8 3
5 8 5 3 15 8 5 3 2 35 4 3 5 1
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Respect” (Measures 53-56)

The following four measures are annotated with counting below each note. Click on the play button to hear the tempo at 80 beats per minute.

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