NHB Survey

Dear New Horizons Members,

What a year! We want to thank all of you for your patience and flexibility since the pandemic hit. As we look towards planning the next, we wanted to stop and take the pulse of our group and get a sense of what is working and what can use some tweaking.

You can help us tremendously find the sweet spot to aim for this next year by filling out the brief five to ten minute survey below.

While we’d love to put names and faces to your thoughts, we understand and respect that you may wish to stay anonymous. All questions are completely optional and we appreciate any feedback you have to offer.


Your Board of Directors, New Horizons

Total Ensemble Virtual Performance Registration Still Open

40 Members have signed up for the Virtual Raiders March Performance represented by the following instruments:

alto sax – 3
B Flat Clarinet – 1
Baritone – 1
bass clarinet – 2
Cello – 3
Clarinet – 3
Euphonium. – 1
Flute – 5
French Horn – 2
Oboe – 2
percussion – 1
Tenor sax – 2
Timpani – 1
Trombone – 2
Trumpet – 1
Tuba – 1
viola – 3
Violin – 6

Click here to view Jim’s video and register.

April 2021 Zoom and Live Schedules

View April 2021 Live calendar.

The Zoom meetings will continue with the alternating Week A/B schedule.

Jim’s April 7 – 7:00-7:40 Pilot Ensemble Rehearsal is Canceled.

Jim and Jaime’s Wednesday April 21 meetings are Canceled. Instead, we will have the Virtual Zoom Recital, “Celebration of Learning,” at 7 pm. Please sign-in with Jaime’s Zoom meeting info. This recital will feature players from the orientation and novice ensembles. Everyone is invited, so please join us.

The week of April 26 – 29 all meetings and rehearsals are canceled. Enjoy your spring break! 😎

Miller Time Update for Strings and Ensemble Lesson Plans

Attention String Players

Miller Time update for string players – There is a change in the text with an insert which glues nicely over the affected measures (sections H-M). The inserts with the changes will be available Thursday (March 4) at the MAPS museum 2:00-4:00. Keep doing the Eb scale!

If you can’t make it to the MAPS Air Museum, starting today click here, to download the strings Miller Time update.

Attention Sectional and Combined Ensembles

A lesson plan for March is now available along with a concert pitch Eb handout.

Lesson plans can be viewed from the Main Menu -> Member Resources -> Lesson Plans, also from Main Menu -> Calendars -> Zoom Calendar -> Lesson Plans.