Veterans Memorial Service — Sunday, November 14, 2021

Submitted by Sandy Bee Lynn (viola)

On Sunday, November 14, Jahna Stanton – violinist – will be playing at Emanuel UCC in Doylestown (16 Eastern Road, Doylestown 44230). This will be our Veterans Memorial service which starts at 10:30. All are welcome to come to honor our Veterans and hear the always incredible music of Jahna Stanton. See Sandy Bee Lynn if you have any questions.

Jahna Stanton is a violinist and teacher residing in Kent, OH. She graduated with a Masters Degree in Violin Performance from Kent State University in 2020. Prior to moving to OH, Jahna received her Bachelor of the Arts degree in Violin Performance from the College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY. Jahna is a two-time winner of the Patricia Brady-Danzig Concerto Competition, and in 2017, had the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall as a member of the New York Youth Symphony. Jahna has been teaching private lessons since 2018, and now has a studio comprised of 24 aspiring young musicians.

Emanuel UCC Location

Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony with body percussion

The score of the symphony was adapted by the school music teacher Nelly Guilhemsans and the rehearsals to achieve this wonderful performance were carried out over 5 months, almost every day, during the 2020 school term.

The students through clapping, footsteps, snapping fingers, slapping their bodies and the bodies of the other students, achieved a mind-blowing demonstration of synchronization.

Everything was captured by the camera of a drone in the gardens of Arnaga, in front of the house that belonged to the French neo-romantic poet Edmond Rostand.

Here is the video

Submitted by: Sandy Bee Lynn

Things to do while social distancing

First consider an emergency preparedness kit recommended by the Summit County Health Department. 

Next browse some free (online) virtual concerts:

The Piano Concert – Every Thursday evening at 7:30PM 

Virtual shows from local artists 

Free live classical concerts to stream online 

Websites for online music lessons:

Teaching/learning music online.

Above submitted by Jamie Burke (violin).

String Players: Check This Out!

Recommended by Roy Ernst, founder New Horizons Music

I usually don’t make recommendations, but I want to be sure that you know about this. Using an app called Sit-ins, you can play your part with a professional string quartet.

If you’re a violist, for example, you can turn off the viola part and play with the rest of the quartet. Or, you can play along with the pro violist to be sure you have it right.

Right now this is only available for strings, but I hope that they will be adding wind groups. In order to enjoy this, it should sound like the quartet is right in the room with you, so get a good speaker or use good headphones.

The website is www. According to the website, repertoire includes over 100 classical string quartet and duet movements, from beginner to expert.

The app is only available on the iPad.

A subscription costs $56.99/year or $6.99/month. You can try it out with a limited quartet for free.

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