Inspiration for the Strings

Submitted by Cindy Ebner

I had an idea today to help myself get into the music more and see it with the dance or movie it is in to get a better feel for it.    I thought maybe we could put the following on the website and let people know they are there for inspiration and ideas.

Click on each piece to watch the video.

Last thing is for you regarding playing in synchronous movements that I thought you might like.

Ella Fitzgerald – It don’t mean a thing

Submitted by Abyemabi

Good morning, I want to share this with you, I came across this on a site called “Trombone Place”. The tempo is seriously fast and impressive, Miss Ella is incredible, I heard when she scats it’s because she forgot the words, true or not, it fits the songs she sings, she is a songstress to the highest magnitude.

Have a wonderful day. Abyemabi

John McDowell’s Church Performance

I performed today at church. It was my first ever live and in-person before an audience of around 100.

The music is “The Holy City” by Stephan Adams. The music source was, which I highly recommend for anyone seeking music to play for their own pleasure and growth.

Without NHB, I would never had gained the experience needed for me to even consider this.
Thanks to Jim, Jamie, Bev and Cal!!

Aaron Fried Former NHB Cello Instructor Quartet Performance

Submitted by Julie Kennedy

Aaron Fried worked with NHB cellos a few years back, and is now in school at U Wisc. This is a livestream concert of a quartet he plays with.

Note: After you start the video it will run for about 4 minutes before you see or hear anything. You can wait it out, or click on the time line to scroll ahead. It is also interesting to note that everyone is using a tablet to read their music (along with a foot pedal to turn the pages).

Click here to view Aaron’s Linkedin profile

New Horizons Band Honors Veterans on Memorial Day

Submitted by John Hawes – Published in the Spring 2023 New Horizons International Music Association (NHIMA) Newsletter.

THE NEW HORIZONS BAND OF SUMMIT AND STARK COUNTIES really means it when our members tell a veteran “Thank you for your service.” Our band has a long and honored tradition of performing for veteran groups in Northeast Ohio. For several years, we have proudly provided the music for the Military Air Preservation Society’s (MAPS) annual Veterans Celebration in their huge air hangar on the edge of the runway for the Akron/Canton Airport. To an audience of up to 450 guests, we have played patriotic music including the Star-Spangled Banner, God Bless the USA, and other songs. The favorite selection is always the Marches of the Armed Forces. As the song for each branch of the military is played, members who have served in that branch are asked to rise and be recognized and applauded.

Performing at MAPS Veterans Celebration

Our band has also provided patriotic music for the Ohio Veterans Memorial Park’s Memorial Day Observation. After the lengthy parade in Clinton, OH ends, a large audience (usually about 300 people) gathers to further remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. An important part of the ceremony is when all veterans assemble in a circle around the huge flagpole and pass the wreath from one to another until it reaches the end and is then placed near the Vietnam Veterans monument, a 125-foot polished black granite wall with the names of 3,095 Ohioans lost during the Vietnam War. What an honor to participate in such an important event!

At the Ohio Veterans Memorial Park’s Memorial Day Celebration

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Fiddle Summer Camp Opportunity

Submitted by: Julie Kennedy

The Ohio School of Scottish Arts is offering a weeklong class with US Scottish fiddle champion Elke Baker at Baldwin Wallace University (in Berea, south of Cleveland) this summer, June 24-30 2023.

Heidi and I attended the school several years ago and Elke is tops, very professional, a patient instructor and amazing player. She also hands out LOTS of traditional Scottish fiddle arrangements which are good for contra dancing and celtic groups. The group is mixed, from pre-teens to adult, and Elke works with students of all levels.

You can study as a day student (morning and afternoon 3-hour sessions) or residential. There are concerts and music sessions presented by school attendees every evening.