September 18th Part Two from Jim

Good afternoon! Here is the order of the selections we will perform on Sunday’s Mum Fest Concert. Call time is 1:15………downbeat at 2:00. See you all on Thursday at the F.E.C. at 6:00. Best Parking for Mum Fest is at the Magic City Plaza which is 4 blocks East of Lake Anna on Wooster Road. We will talk through drop off spots and times for those who have special needs at Thursday’s rehearsal. Jim

  1. Star Spangled Banner
  2. Ukrainian National Anthem
  3. Celebration Fanfare
  4. Liberty Bell
  5. Pictures at an Exhibition
  6. Thunderer
  7. Satin Doll
  8. It Don’t Mean a Thing
  9. Disney Film Favorites
  10. Journey in Concert
  11. Hallelujah


It is a very special moment when connection is made between performers and audience. Standing ovations are few and far between especially in the world of large group performances. Your hard work, both as an individual and an ensemble, touched the hearts of the audience as they individually experienced the FEELINGS of each selection. Thank you for going down this road with me! I appreciate each of you and look forward to our continued growth together.


Please share with your Friend that this evening’s rehearsal has been cancelled! Rehearsal Thursday evening starting at 6:00 will be Full Combined Ensemble at the F.E.C. We are performing this Sunday at the BARBERTON MUMFEST. Report time at the Lake Anna Gazebo in Barberton is 1:15 and the concert downbeat is at 2:00. Please dress as you did yesterday however, sunglass, hat, jackets etc. may be added with respect to the weather.

Concert List will be posted THIS AFTERNOON! Parking Instructions will shared on Thursday evening!


Rehearsal minutes are golden and even with the best made plans seem to disappear with faster than light speed. I was fortunate enough to be a member of the Akron Symphony in the 70’s under the Direction of Louis Lane. During one of our rehearsals, I could feel that he was for some reason paying attention to my cymbal technique. He cut off the orchestra and looked directly at me with piercing eyes and a very displeased expression. “Mr. Adkins! You are in an Orchestra, not a kitchen! More practice is necessary! ” A few days later when I had finally regained some control of my hurt feelings, I was fortunate enough to speak with a former teacher and personal idol of mine from the Cleveland Orchestra. He talked to me about technique, listening, and feelings. He talked to me about feeling the meaning of the music and understanding the intentions behind the composer’s choice of sounds and colors. He shared with me that listening to others performing helps to develop the expression of even a cymbal crash. Two months later! In a performance of a completely different Symphony. Louis Lane once again turned toward me making direct eye contact and queued my cymbal crash. A small grin and the moving up and down of his eyebrows as he turned to que the cello entrance told me that I had practiced my why out of the kitchen.

I ‘m sharing this story with you because I want you to understand that I can not only hear our improvement as an ensemble, but I can also feel the connections you are making with each other. You are developing into a much tighter musical unit. You are sharing, supporting and expressing FEELING through sound. This only comes through individual practice and commitment. Thank you for spending time in preparation for each rehearsal. Thank you for accepting our suggestions and repetitive corrections. Thank you for trusting us! Thank you for understanding that there is never enough time for rehearsals. Each one is IMPORTANT! Each rehearsal has a purpose! More importantly however, is what you do to improve your understanding of WHY you practice on your own!

Our rehearsal plan is very limited between now and our September 17th performance. I will be posting our Concert Day Schedule on September 1st. Every minute of rehearsal time between now and the downbeat of the concert has a planned purpose. Please be a part of every rehearsal knowing that your reward will be as simple and meaningful as a grin and the twitch of an eyebrow.

I’m EXCITED!!!!!!



The music for both FLUTES and CLARINETS that will be performed as individual small group ensembles at our Picnic on July 29th, will continue to be passed out and rehearsed at the following rehearsals: June 29th; July 6th, 10th, 13th, 17th, 20th (6:00 at the F.E.C. not at MAPS), 24th and 27th. These selections do not take the place of but are in addition to the Woodwind Choir selection conducted by Cal . Please remember that our FULL ENSEMBLE rehearsals on June 29th, July 6th; 10th; and 13th are very important to the opener of our Summer Lawn Chair Concert Series at 4:00 on Sunday July 16th at the Emanuel Church in Doylestown. (How is that for a run on sentence?) Thanks for your hard work and cooperation.


June 22 News from Jim

Good morning, everyone! I must start out with an apology and explanation for the last-minute schedule changes that became necessary this June. The “Dukes of Darrowville” enjoyed a very successful Canadian Tour from the 15th – 20th entertaining the residence of the Crow Lake area of Onterio. Early on in June Jaime took advantage of a very important career opportunity enrolling in summer classes required by the state of Ohio for Public School teaching certification. Lynne and I received excellent Guardian tickets gifted from our children for this afternoon’s game. Rolling all these opportunities together created situations in our schedule that caused all these last-minute changes. Thank you for understanding and continuing your ever important practicing and home preparation.

THE REMAINING THREE JUNE REHEARSALS (THIS AFTERNOON AT THE MAPS, MONDAY THE 26TH AT THE F.E.C., AND THURSDAY THE 29TH AT THE F.E.C.) ARE SUPER IMPORTANT. The selection list for our 1st Summer Concert on July 16th at the Emanuel United Church of Christ in Doylestown will be posted here tomorrow!! Also understand that all of us will be performing at our Picnic on Saturday July 29th at the Johnson United Methodist Church in Norton at 3:00. The Woodwinds, Brass, Strings and Percussion will each perform separately as individual ensembles as well as other small groups and soloists from within our Happy Musical Membership!


P.S. Please don’t forget the HOUSTON PUB JAZZ JAM 7:00 on Wednesday June 28th at 7!


April Third, HAPPY SPRING!

As always, Spring finds me SUPER CHARGED and ready to MAKE MUSIC!!!! I’m sending out this message simply to share with you my excitement and enthusiastic support for your hard work and remarkable improvement. Your individual work has allowed our ensembles the opportunity to step into the world of performance for pay! Several of our Summer Large and Small Ensemble performances will compensate our income and support our costs for music and equipment. We realize that all of us have commitments, vacations, activities, and responsibilities that at times my create conflicts with rehearsals and performances. We are a team! Our individual best efforts are always the magic that makes music special. “Music is what feelings sound like”. Each of us are important and your contribution of time and commitment is appreciated. However, we will do everything in our power to always be flexible and understanding. Each of you are important to all of us and more importantly what we stand for! “Together we can make it happen!”

View the performance schedule



I’m so excited about jumping into 2023, our 19th year! Our Board of Directors have been instrumental in developing and implementing a management program which is supporting our re-growth in membership and musicianship. They are presently organizing our Annual Business Meeting which will be held on Monday February 27th at 6:00. Please mark your calendars and watch for instructions.

We have made some changes to our classes and rehearsal Schedules. As always, these changes are specific and important to our Growth Program. The schedule will be posted today, so please study the new Calendar Post and the following explanation paragraphs. Questions will be answered on January 9th at the F.E.C.


You are all making such good progress in the development of your individual musicianship. Our performances are meaningful and are beginning to be representative of the expression of the language intended by the composer. It’s time now to take the next step! This step is one that demonstrates the unity of that expression. It’s the combination of visual, physical, and mental agreement between all the performers. A unison of movement, technical blend, and artistic expression. It’s an agreed union of controlled talent through expression. It’s a balance, not unlike a team. It’s a connection, not unlike a cast of actors in a play or movie that are in the moment and making a script become alive. Simply trust us. Decide now that you want us to take this cooperative and necessary step. “WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!” Believe me you will not be sorry you made this decision. It changes everything and brings it all to a new level for everyone! Even when you make a mistake! It makes it more enjoyable, understandable, and rewarding!

The faculty chose new method books which will be used by everyone during sectional rehearsals and individual home practicing sessions. These new books are designed to help mold us all into an understanding and controlled UNISON of the language of music. Please understand that just like in the past each of us will be responsible for purchasing their own copy. This can be achieved online or at most any local music store. The books become your own property and are connective in that they can be used in live or virtual practice routines. You will all need your books at Monday night Sectional rehearsals starting on January 23rd. These books are designed to be used by all levels of ability and progress quickly through accepted and consistent practice. They will help all of us achieve a much higher level of unison musicianship. STRING MEMBERS BOOK by instrument. “Sound Innovations for Strings” by Phillips/Boonshaft/Sheldon, Book 2. Alfred Music. WINDS AND PERCUSSION by instrument. “Tradition of Excellence” second edition by Pearson/Nowlin. Book 1 for orientation class members; Book 2 everyone else. Kjos Music. All Books are under $15.00.

The schedule for the month of January is designed to kick off this new Goal and also maintain the ability to successfully prepare performances by the String Orchestra, Band, Combined Full Ensemble, and small groups. New Combined Ensemble Music will be passed out at the First Monday evening rehearsal on the 9th. at the F.E.C. This the same Monday night Schedule for both A and B weeks. 5:00 – Novice Strings; 6:00 – Wind and Percussion Orientation (All Band Members who have been members less than 2 years), Book 1. 6:00 – Sectionals ( All members for more than 2 years by family; Strings, Woodwinds, Brass & Percussion) Book 2. 7:00 – FULL COMBINED REHEARSAL Thursday B weeks simply change location to the MAPS Museum 2:30 – 4:00. They will also be split in two rooms Band and String Orchestra. The A week Thursdays will be Full Combined Ensemble Rehearsals. THERE ARE NO WEDNESDAY CLASSES OR REHEARSALS this quarter.

I’m EXCITED!!!! call meeeeeeeeeeee with questions. See Ya next Monday!!



WOW!! What a terrific finale to our 2022 year! This ENCORE performance touched the hearts of the audience and was unmistakably an important part of all of our Holiday Festivities! This performance was from our hearts and souls and was certainly one of the Best Gifts of the Season. One from the heart! Bravo! Bravo! BRAVO!!

As always, I’m excited about the future and can’t wait to share with you our plans for next year. We will continue to work together on improving our musical skills, and the addition of new members. Our business plan and reorganizations are proving to create the foundational strength that we need to maintain our continual regrowth and musical effectiveness. Our combined musicianship is bringing us to a level that comes from our understanding of the language and the expression of the feelings and meaning of each composition. I am so fortunate to be part of this special group and will always cherish the moments we have together. Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


P.S. Choir rehearsal will begin in January and may become a traditional opener for our Holiday Performances! Well Done, Vocalist!


Good evening, everyone! Just want to take a moment to share with you all the POSITIVE FEELING of appreciation, achievement, and accomplishment that I have been feeling during the last six months.

I am so Blessed to have the opportunity to share with you all, my never-ending love of music. I can hear, see, and feel that you are growing toward this same inter glow as many of you are beginning to really feel the connection that we are making with our audiences. You are not just playing notes and making sound with your instruments you are connecting with them as your instruments becomes part of you and your inner feelings. Please remember that the more you know about the language the better you can use it to communicate your innermost artistic expressions. MUSIC IS THE LANGUAGE OF FEELINGS!!!!

I am also impressed with your deep feelings of cooperation and concern for each other. You may have noticed that each week we have different numbers of members who attend our classes and rehearsals. We are trying very hard to provide a schedule that is flexible, but also effective. We are carefully entering the time of the year during which our individual health becomes more challenged. Each week I have receive calls from responsible members who have made the correct decision to stay home simply because they feel that they are a little under the weather and do not want to put others in danger. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! These responsible decisions are what have allowed us to move forward and collectively advance our growth and understanding of the ART! MUSIC is like any other art form. It doesn’t exist in a unison format. It must be shared to exist, however taking care of yourself and being considerate of others is the formula for intelligent growth.

Finally, I need to express my sincere appreciation for the Board of Directors and Staff of our organization. I have the privilege of being surrounded by a team of people who REALLY CARE. They each understand the TRUE DEFINITION OF SUCCESS. They contribute their best efforts UNSELFISHLY toward the TEAM’S GOALS. They understand my old logo “FUN is spelled WORK, and WORK is spelled FUN.” MUSIC and Hard Work are the magic ingrediencies that are moving each of us forward. We are growing into something special, and I am so happy to be a small part in each member’s success. I’m so excited about our upcoming Concerts and a new year of continued growth!

\THANK YOU ALL! Each member is important! Remember…. I’M HERE FOR YOU!!!!