FUNTIME SCHEDULE -August 19, 2019 Cuyahoga Falls, Bolich Middle School

Rehearsal and Class Schedule

5:30/6:30 – Full String Ensemble Rehearsal in Band Room; Full Band in Cafeteria

6:30/7:45 – Combined Ensemble Rehearsal in Cafeteria

String Ensemble Rehearsal Selections:

Band Rehearsal Selections: “Gabriel’s Oboe”; Disney “Film Favorites”

Combined Rehearsal Selections: “Journey Fanfare”; “Journey in Concert”; “Hooked on a Feeling”; “Respect”.



Our Third Trimester Schedule will be posted next week on this calendar and will start in the first week of September! Looking forward to a great Fall and Holiday Season!

We are still looking for a Church in our area that would be interested in hosting our Holiday Concert. Please contact Jim Adkins as soon as possible with contact information as our calendar is filling up quickly.

We are looking forward to September and the return of our Refreshment Committees excellent treats! We will also begin a new Name Tags, and Music Handout System. More tonight about our Picnic Event and Concerts! I’m EXCITED!!!