FUNTIME SCHEDULE August 26, 2019; Bolich M.S.

Class and Rehearsal Schedule

4:00 – String Orientation Class

5:30 – Band Rehearsal, Cafeteria; String En. Rehearsal, Band Room

Band Rehearsal Selections: Major Scales, GM and DM; “Gabriel’s Oboe”

String Ensemble: “Windy”, “Top of the World”

6:30 – Combined Ensemble Rehearsal, Cafeteria

Major Scales: CM, GM and DM; “Hooked”; “Journey”; “Respect”


Please check out the posted Third Trimester Schedule on line! Make sure you pick up a hard copy before rehearsal as it will be reviewed during combined rehearsals this week. We have an opening for one seat on the Board of Directors. Please speak to Jim with your interest. CONGRATULATIONS JAIME!!! special appointment announcement at rehearsal!

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