FUNTIME SCHEDULE – September 9, 2019 Bolich Middle School

Tonight’s Schedule of Classes and Rehearsals

5:30 – Sectionals and Small Group Coaching

6:00 – String Ensemble in Band Room; Band in Cafeteria

6:45 – Refreshments and Social Time in the Cafeteria

7:00- 8:45 – Combined String/Winds Ensemble in Cafeteria

String Ensemble Rehearsal Selections:

“On Top of the World”; “Windy”

Band Rehearsal Selections:

Warm up: Written C, G, and A major scales; “Gabriel’s Oboe”; “Marches of the Armed Forces”

Combined Rehearsal Selections: “Fanfare and Flourishes”; By James Curnow, from Holiday Concert music; “Journey in Concert”; “Hooked on a Feeling”; “Respect”

Anncements and Reminders:

Please don’t forget to bring your name tag if you picked it up at the picnic! Everyone else please pick yours up before rehearsal and EVERYONE please WEAR THEM!

New Shirt Orders have arrived! Please pick your’s up in the cafeteria from Jim during Refreshment Break ! N.B.W. Shirt Sale! (never been worn); Seconds at reduced prices next two weeks!