FUNTIME SCHEDULE, September 30, 2019

Congratulations on a SUPER PERFORMANCE, I am very proud of you all! Thank you for working so hard to make our performance entertaining and enjoyable for our audience. I was very impressed with all the help we had setting up and tearing down. Thank you, you are all appreciated! Jim


5:30 – Sorry! No small groups until next week.

6:00 – String Ensemble in the Band Room; Band in the Cafeteria.

6:45 – Refreshment and Social Time

7:00 – Please return to separate ensemble rehearsals

MUSIC THAT EVERYONE (strings, winds, percussion) SHOULD HAVE!!

1). Star Spangled Banner; 2).God Bless America; 3).Stars and Stripes; 4).Marches of the Armed Forces; 5). God Bless the U.S.A.; 6). Fanfare and Flourishes. Please bring them every week as we will be adding Holiday Music to this list as well!

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