Simply MASTER one eight measure section per week. Each Monday I will add simplification, tips for counting and stylistic phrasing. MARK THEM IN YOUR PARTS! PRACTICE THEM!! Don’t try to eat the whole pie at once. Let’s enjoy it in seven really delicious and very cool pieces!

STEP 1). Measures 105 – 108 “THAT’S LIFE”

    This is our April 27th intro to this medley. Listen to bass line; flute triplet rallentando in measure 107 AND THE TRIPLET DRUM FILL starting on beat 2 of measure108.

Measure 109 – 116

   BASS AND TUBAS only play the eighth notes and quarter notes that are on the beat (no triplets).

TRUMPETS – play the D quarter note on four as a quarter not part of a triplet and play the Bb as the down beat of 109. Also practice playing only the quarter notes on beats 2,3,4 in 111; 2&3 in measure 112, and 1,2,3,4 in measure 113. (NO EIGHTHS for now).

  SAXOPHONES – Practice playing only the pitches that are on the beat (no eighth notes unless they are the first third of a triplet) in measures 114 (beats 2,3 4) and 115 (1,3,4).

                Everyone else listen for the triplet drum fill on beats 3 and 4 in measure 116 and mark in a diminuendo into beat four.