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March 18, 2020 Seven Steps to a Super Sinatra

Step 2). Measure 117-124 “THAT’S LIFE” Softer and Cooler than Step 1. This is a woodwind chorus blending flutes, oboe and clarinets playing the melody. Saxes join the brass in accompanying the woodwinds. Saxes pass triplet figure to trombones every other measure creating a continuous triplet rhythm pattern from 117 – 122. Everyone practice playing the skeletal rhythm of measures 123 and 124. Do this by only playing the pitches on beats 1,2,3,4 in measure 123 and 1,2 and 3 in measure 124. To create a crescendo from mp to f simply practice playing these seven beats as one phrase. When you can do that , add the rest of the notes around those solid pitches that are on the seven skeletal beats.

Step 3). Measures 125 – 131 “THAT’S LIFE” This third chorus is called “the take it home chorus” because it combines the full band making the final driving lyric statement of the tune to the audience. The trumpets change the rhythm of the “That’s Life”lick to match the same pick up lick as into measure 109. (Play the D quarter note on the fourth beat of 124 and the Bb as a quarter note squarely on one of 125. Sounds like “That’s Life” on four/one). Flutes, oboes, clarinets and saxes pick up the melody line from the trumpets on the second beat of measure 125, and pass it back to the trumpets on one of 126. Trumpets please diminuendo the half note in 126. Saxes play the fourth beat triplet figure forte and get off the tied eighth note on one of measure 127. Saxes please play the quarter notes on 2, 3 and 4 softer and get of the half note on the down beat of 128 on three. The trumpets and flutes have the melody with no grace notes please, releasing on one also in 128. Trumpets play the third beat without the tie to beat four. Replay the E as part of the triplet on four. Saxes do not play the grace notes in measure 130 on the fourth beat but please give it a slight accent. EVERYBODY IN THE BAND crescendo measure 131 and accent the eighth note on beat three. We will execute a GRAND PAUSE on the and of three. I will cue the trumpets who will play a triplet on beat four into an accented G whole note on beat one of measure 132. The new tempo is established by a RIDE BEAT starting on beat two and through measure 133. COOL MAN! Please mark your parts and practice, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!