Gathering the Neighbors

Submitted by Dylan Trautman

My Dad, Andy, and I play together a lot. He plays guitar, and I play violin or viola. With my electric Wood Viper 6 string violin I can play both by reaching into lower strings.

Last Saturday morning we took our garage band to the front porch for a concert. My long-time violin teacher, Michael, came and brought his young son and his violin, and joined us on a few numbers.

We played for about 45 minutes and performed many Americana pieces–everything from country swing to Cajun waltzes to traditional fiddle. Neighbors brought out chairs and blankets, people stopped their bikes and walks to sit on the grass, and a car even pulled into the driveway.

We met new neighbors. Everyone socially distanced, danced, and had a great time! People asked, “When’s the next concert?” So we are working on patriotic pieces and more for July. We weren’t expecting so many people (or anyone other than our immediate neighbors, really), but we’re all hungry to connect and be out safely. I was glad our music reached out to everyone. I am inspired to continue to put programs together, practice, and plan some performances for over the summer.

A note from Dylan’s Mom Jayne–

I helped Dylan write his post, as he wanted to share what he’s been doing. We really were amazed at the response that morning. The continued viola sectionals with Jaime and the Skype violin lessons with Michael have been a big help to encourage Dylan to purposely practice and have some things to plan for. Dylan’s day program closed at the beginning of the pandemic, and I haven’t heard of plans to reopen. So music is the center of daily activities for us. And our dog has never been walked so much! We hope everyone is healthy and safe, and enjoying music!


Submitted by Dave Lietz

Dylan – Thanks so much for posting about your experience; sharing your love of music with your family and neighbors. Music is a great gift that can bring us all together, and we so need that today!

I really enjoy the Zoom sessions with Jaime and the others in the String ensemble. It keeps me on task with my violin practice and it’s just good to “see” others in the group. Hope to actually assemble safely again soon – DAVE

Submitted by Connie Stinnett

We love you, Dylan! You and your whole family are awesome!

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