Practice Efficiency Tools

Submitted by Andy Rosenberg (viola)

Adhering to the “practice, practice, practice” rule is sometimes difficult with so many things on our daily to-do list. Technology has come a long way to help achieve this goal by providing many tools (i.e., software and mobile apps) that can help us improve practice efficiency.

“Sheet Music Scanner” app: I play along with the “Sheet Music Scanner” app on my tablet and smartphone. Listen to and read the music as it is played by the app highlighting each note and symbol. This helps me make note of tricky rhythms and verify my intonation.

How does it work?

  • Sheet music is loaded into the app from an image file such as a PDF, JPG or PNG (preferred method) or by using your device’s built-in camera.
  • Once the music is loaded into the app, it reads the music and recognizes symbols of musical notation pertaining to melody, harmony, and rhythm including treble, bass, and alto clefs, notes, duration dots, rests, and accidentals.
  • Playback supports selected instrument pitch and speeds between 50 and 330 beats per minute.

The software is easy to use, but It took a few attempts to load the music using my smartphone’s camera. Loading the sheet music from an image file worked the first time.

This $3.99 app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

Click here for more information from the developer.

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