January Schedule News

Here we are two days away from kicking off the 2021 New Horizons of Summit and Stark Counties Zoom and Live Schedule. I could not be more EXCITED !! Jaime and I have been busy over the Holidays working hard to learn how to best use new techniques and equipment. Our goal as always is to offer all of you our very best musical experiences. We plan to use the remainder of the month of January to experiment, share , and implement some of what we have discovered and learned .

I’m sure that you have noticed that our January Zoom and Live Schedule is similar to that which we followed in the Fall. We will announce and post our Winter Schedule and all new features at our ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING on January 25th. We will meet at 7:00 using Zoom and will pack lots of news and information into 40 minutes. You will Join us using Jim’s Personal Link # which is 820 030 2594 and passcode which is Fenmo.

Even though a vaccine will be available to us soon we are increasing our virtual menu by growing our performance capabilities. Those of you who have been enjoying our Live schedule notice that for the next three weeks there are fewer Live options offered. This is for three reasons. 1). My responsibilities here at home have increased. 2). I need to use more time during this three week period to complete the change over and performance options that we want to introduce starting in February. 3). We are working hard to develop a sustainable Budget that provides you with a program that is enjoyable and musical rewarding. Hang in there with us! I’m sure you will enjoy growing with Jaime and I into a long term future of musical fulfillment.

My closing remarks are as always ones of respect and admiration. Your response and generosity throughout 2020 has been OVERWELMING. Your support has been an inspiration. I believe that each of you do in fact understand that MUSIC is the language of the human soul. I feel that I am accomplishing my purpose. Thank you!!


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