Zoom Recitals 2020

Our last public performance was the “Small Group Recital Night” on February 17, 2020 at the Akron Summit County Library.

To address COVID-19 restrictions, we had to quickly get up to speed using the Zoom Meetings app for our performances. In addition to the Zoom learning curve, other challenges included: Internet disruptions, audio distortions, power interruptions, and smartphone/computer peculiarities.

Our recitals showcase the progression of skill levels:

  • Orientation – A playing ability level during which a comfort zone is reached between the beginning student of music and their instrument, notation, practice commitment, rehearsal techniques and mental musical comprehension.
  • Novice – A playing ability level, beyond Orientation but not yet enjoyed by a consistent Intermediate player.
  • Solo Studio – This opportunity is the newest addition to our program. Due to the positive experience of our “First Zoom Recital” we have added a solo Performance opportunity. 

Zoom Recital #1 – Orientation Recital – July 15, 2020

Performer, InstrumentMusic Performed
Julie Black, Cello#34 Natalie’s Rose*
#57 Tribal Lament*
Karen Greathouse, Violin#80 Grandparents Day*
#106 French Folk Song*
Marcelo Biffe, Cello#44 Mathew’s March*
#70 Hot Cross Buns*
Tiffany Lundy Martin, Cello#33 Song for Christine*
#36 Dreidel*
Susan Bacon, Viola#91 Lightly Row*
#90 English Round*
Cindy Ebner, Cello​#71 Au Clare De La Lune*
​#73 Buckeye Salute*
Ruth Lamont, Violin#116 Son for Maria*
​#118 Firoliralera*
Debbie Huebeck, Cello​#85 High Flying*
​#88 Frere Jacques*
* Songs are from Essential Elements Strings Book 1.

Zoom Recital #2 – Novice Recital – September 30, 2020

Performer, InstrumentMusic Performed
Karen Greathouse, ViolinAlouette – French Folk Song
Crossroads – Allen
Anne Lazzerini, CelloTheme form London Symphony
Franz J. Haydn (1732 -1809)
Oh Susannah
Stephen C. Foster (1826-1864)
Ruth Lamont, ViolinChester
William Billings ( 1746-1800)
Morning (from Peer Gynt)
Edvard Grieg (1819-1880)
Susan Bacon, ViolaOutback – Allen
Buffalo Gals
(Cool White) Japheth Hodges
Connie Stinnett, CelloTheme for the New World Symphony
Antonin Dvorak (1841-1904)
Jean-Joseph Mouret (1682-1738)
Dennis Zerby, Oboe
Brenda Thomas, Flute
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)

Zoom Recital #3 – Solo Studio Recital – October 30, 2020

Performer, InstrumentMusic Performed
Ruth Lamont, ViolinAshokan Farewell – by Jay Unger
Valerie DiNarda, CelloNina – by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
Mike Hoeprich, ViolinWaltz No.2 – by Dmitri Shostakovich
Connie Stinnett, CelloIt’s a Wonderful World
by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss
Marilyn Katzmark, ViolinMeditation (from Thais)
by Jules Massenet
Jaime Madrigal, MarimbaRain Dance
by Alice Gomez and Marilyn Riffe
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