Member Reflections & Transitions

Dear NHBSSC family,

I would like to announce that I have accepted a research fellowship in Silver Spring, MD, and will be relocating by the end of the month. While my NHBSSC membership and association will remain as they are, you will see much less of me at rehearsals and concerts. I will keep in touch with Connie for materials to work on. Whenever possible, I will attend virtual rehearsals and major in-person performances.

I must thank the teaching faculty, and all past and current members of the Board of Directors for making this experience possible. The camaraderie of all other fellow NHBSSC members who, like me, find themselves on their own noble musical journeys, is much appreciated. Lastly, this is an excellent opportunity for me to express my immense gratitude for the personal guidance and encouragement I have received from Jim over the years. I will be reporting my musical progress to him in the years to come as well.

Thy humble music seeker,
Iskinder (alto sax)

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