I’m so excited about jumping into 2023, our 19th year! Our Board of Directors have been instrumental in developing and implementing a management program which is supporting our re-growth in membership and musicianship. They are presently organizing our Annual Business Meeting which will be held on Monday February 27th at 6:00. Please mark your calendars and watch for instructions.

We have made some changes to our classes and rehearsal Schedules. As always, these changes are specific and important to our Growth Program. The schedule will be posted today, so please study the new Calendar Post and the following explanation paragraphs. Questions will be answered on January 9th at the F.E.C.


You are all making such good progress in the development of your individual musicianship. Our performances are meaningful and are beginning to be representative of the expression of the language intended by the composer. It’s time now to take the next step! This step is one that demonstrates the unity of that expression. It’s the combination of visual, physical, and mental agreement between all the performers. A unison of movement, technical blend, and artistic expression. It’s an agreed union of controlled talent through expression. It’s a balance, not unlike a team. It’s a connection, not unlike a cast of actors in a play or movie that are in the moment and making a script become alive. Simply trust us. Decide now that you want us to take this cooperative and necessary step. “WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!” Believe me you will not be sorry you made this decision. It changes everything and brings it all to a new level for everyone! Even when you make a mistake! It makes it more enjoyable, understandable, and rewarding!

The faculty chose new method books which will be used by everyone during sectional rehearsals and individual home practicing sessions. These new books are designed to help mold us all into an understanding and controlled UNISON of the language of music. Please understand that just like in the past each of us will be responsible for purchasing their own copy. This can be achieved online or at most any local music store. The books become your own property and are connective in that they can be used in live or virtual practice routines. You will all need your books at Monday night Sectional rehearsals starting on January 23rd. These books are designed to be used by all levels of ability and progress quickly through accepted and consistent practice. They will help all of us achieve a much higher level of unison musicianship. STRING MEMBERS BOOK by instrument. “Sound Innovations for Strings” by Phillips/Boonshaft/Sheldon, Book 2. Alfred Music. WINDS AND PERCUSSION by instrument. “Tradition of Excellence” second edition by Pearson/Nowlin. Book 1 for orientation class members; Book 2 everyone else. Kjos Music. All Books are under $15.00.

The schedule for the month of January is designed to kick off this new Goal and also maintain the ability to successfully prepare performances by the String Orchestra, Band, Combined Full Ensemble, and small groups. New Combined Ensemble Music will be passed out at the First Monday evening rehearsal on the 9th. at the F.E.C. This the same Monday night Schedule for both A and B weeks. 5:00 – Novice Strings; 6:00 – Wind and Percussion Orientation (All Band Members who have been members less than 2 years), Book 1. 6:00 – Sectionals ( All members for more than 2 years by family; Strings, Woodwinds, Brass & Percussion) Book 2. 7:00 – FULL COMBINED REHEARSAL Thursday B weeks simply change location to the MAPS Museum 2:30 – 4:00. They will also be split in two rooms Band and String Orchestra. The A week Thursdays will be Full Combined Ensemble Rehearsals. THERE ARE NO WEDNESDAY CLASSES OR REHEARSALS this quarter.

I’m EXCITED!!!! call meeeeeeeeeeee with questions. See Ya next Monday!!


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