Hearing Research Study at Kent State University

Submitted by JoAnne Turner

I am currently in a research study called Age-related changes in speech perception, cognition and auditory evoked potentials (i.e.hearing and the age-related brain) Stop laughing!

This is a 2 part session which tests are conducted for hearing and cognitive retention. It is held at Kent State University Speech and Hearing Center, which is part of the music, theatre and arts center. Professor Bruna S. Mussoi is conducting this research project and she is looking for participants! It will involve 2 session of 2 hours each. I am not sure if there is compensation for these times.

Bruna is looking for volunteers to participate in this study. She is particularly looking for people with music backgrounds.

If you are interested, please contact me and I will get you in touch with Dr. Mussoi. It is an interesting study, you might learn something about yourself and your aged brain!