June 22 News from Jim

Good morning, everyone! I must start out with an apology and explanation for the last-minute schedule changes that became necessary this June. The “Dukes of Darrowville” enjoyed a very successful Canadian Tour from the 15th – 20th entertaining the residence of the Crow Lake area of Onterio. Early on in June Jaime took advantage of a very important career opportunity enrolling in summer classes required by the state of Ohio for Public School teaching certification. Lynne and I received excellent Guardian tickets gifted from our children for this afternoon’s game. Rolling all these opportunities together created situations in our schedule that caused all these last-minute changes. Thank you for understanding and continuing your ever important practicing and home preparation.

THE REMAINING THREE JUNE REHEARSALS (THIS AFTERNOON AT THE MAPS, MONDAY THE 26TH AT THE F.E.C., AND THURSDAY THE 29TH AT THE F.E.C.) ARE SUPER IMPORTANT. The selection list for our 1st Summer Concert on July 16th at the Emanuel United Church of Christ in Doylestown will be posted here tomorrow!! Also understand that all of us will be performing at our Picnic on Saturday July 29th at the Johnson United Methodist Church in Norton at 3:00. The Woodwinds, Brass, Strings and Percussion will each perform separately as individual ensembles as well as other small groups and soloists from within our Happy Musical Membership!


P.S. Please don’t forget the HOUSTON PUB JAZZ JAM 7:00 on Wednesday June 28th at 7!


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