Andrew is Carrie Cunningham’s grandson. This is a little after the fact, but he still really needs prayer. He had been taking an appropriate amount of aleve and ibuprofen for an old sports injury, but unbeknownst to anyone he had developed an ulcer. A couple of days ago the ulcer perforated and he needed to be airlifted to a better hospital so that emergency surgery could be done. He was really in grave danger, especially since the e.r initially wanted to send him home. If it wasn’t for his mom refusing to take him home, and then later insisting he be life flighted to the other hospital, the outcome may have been quite different. He was just a couple hours away from being septic.

Thankfully surgery went well and he should be out of the hospital in a week, but pain management and the risk of infection is still a concern. Please pray for his perfect healing.

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