Theresa Heaton’s (violin) significant other, Tom, has been fighting his second bout of lung cancer for about a year and a half. Yesterday they were told that it had metastasized. Theresa will be unable to practice with us for awhile as she feels she needs to spend her time with him. Please pray for his situation. They will be meeting with a Palliative Care nurse tomorrow to make some decisions.

If you would like to send them a card, their address is: 1331 Village Dr., Akron, OH 44313.


Jim Adkins mentioned at our last rehearsal that he and Lynne had reluctantly placed his mother-in-law, Peggy Hubman, in to Hospice. He and Lynne have cared for her in their home for the last 10 years; she is now 97 years old. Once she became bed bound and the care became 24/7, it became evident that more help was needed.

At the moment, she is sleeping most of the time. Despite her dementia she still has her moments of lucidity. A couple days ago Lynne and one of her sisters were able to visit with their mom for a couple hours and she was fairly alert and oriented. They were able to reminisce and say their good-byes. This in itself was a blessing.

Jim wanted everyone to know that Peggy requested to have a small service with only family present. Flowers and donations are discouraged but our prayers are coveted.

Dear Lord: Be with Peggy as she makes a peaceful transition into Your arms. She has lived a long amazing life and has been blessed with the love of a wonderful family. Wrap Your arms around each member of the family and give them comfort, strength, rest, and peace. And bless them with wonderful memories.



Just wanted to let you all know that Joyce (saxophone is her instrument of choice) spent a couple days in the hospital getting her heart regulated to a normal rhythm. She’s home now and doing well but she won’t be at Sunday’s concert. As an FYI, she happened to mention that heat and dehydration are triggers for people with a-fib, so for those of us with issues, make sure you try to keep as cool as possible at this weekend’s concert, and have a water bottle handy.

If any of you would like to send Joyce a card and let her know you’re thinking of her, her address is: 1165 Falling Brook Circle, Louisville, OH. 44641.

Take care Joyce and come back soon!

Chuck Sandstrom

Many of you have probably noticed that Chuck has been MIA from the band. What’s been happening? Chuck loves playing his trombone for New Horizons. Well, apparently he has moved to Florida where his daughter is. I know he misses us terribly so it would be great if we could inundate him with cards. His new address is: 4571 Carmel Circle, Pace, FL. 32571. Even better than that, he told Jim that he would love phone calls. His phone number is (850)417-1749.

So whichever way you decide, Chuck would love to hear from you. The good news is that he has found a New Horizons near him. So things are looking up for Chuck!


Good News – Jim Adkins

Just wanted to let you all know that Jim’s catheterization went really well. His arteries are clear and his heart is healthy! He promises to behave and follow up with his cardiologists as recommended. Our fearless leader will even be back and attending rehearsals per usual next week.

Most of all he just wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. They were truly appreciated.

Prayer Request – Jim Adkins


June 3, 2021

Dear Friends,

 I have chosen this means of sharing not only for its’ convenience but also to insure that you all receive the most accurate and complete information possible. Marilyn Katzmark and Andy Rosenberg have designed this “Caring Corner” with that purpose in mind and I appreciate their good work.

 A few weeks ago, during my annual physical exam an EKG showed that I had developed an irregular heartbeat. I have decided to undergo a cardiac catherization procedure to identify if there is true disease present and then have it treated. This procedure is taking place tomorrow June 4th at the University Hospital Cardiology center in Parma. 

  My plan is to attend full rehearsals at the F.E.C. on the 7th and 10th. Please watch for announcements here in the “Caring Corner” with respect to my condition and recovery. 

  I am so excited about our Summer “Lawn Chair” Concert Series! Please know that I appreciate your hard work and cooperation. I treasure your dedication and trust in my conducting, musicianship and direction.

 Together we CAN and DO make real music!


Prayer Request – Ken Slezak

In the last year it’s become easy to think that if someone isn’t attending rehearsals, it must be because he or she is isolating themselves due to the pandemic. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case. This week it came to our attention that Ken Slezak, who plays the clarinet, is currently in the hospital. He has been diagnosed with a serious illness that will require both chemo and radiation treatments in the near future. He would really appreciate our prayers.

If you would like to send him a card, his address is: 3119 Grill Rd, New Franklin 44216. Let’s show him how much he is loved by all of us.