View a graphic flowchart of the seven steps to a super Sinatra.

Step 4). 132-138; TRANSITION INTO “Fly Me to the Moon”; Spring Tempo, quarter = 92

Flutes; Oboes; Bass Clarinets; Trumpets; Trombones; Baritones. Measure 138 – Tie eighth notes on first beat, and eighth notes on second beat creating two quarter notes on the first two beats of the measure. Honor the tied pick up note to one from the and of four in measure 137.

Clarinets – Connect the triplet figure with horns in measure 134 and 135 also accent beat two in each of those two measures. DO NOT play the first eighth note of beat three in 136. Change the half note on beat 3 of measure 137 to a quarter note and quarter rest on beat four.

Horns – Connect triplet figures with the clarinets in 134, 135, 136 by playing tied eighth notes with an accent and the half and whole notes softer.(like a sforzando).

Baritones and tuba – Emphasize eighth notes on 2 in 134 and 135. Emphasize beats 2 and 4 in 136. Only play the second eighth note of the fourth beat in measure 137.

Snare drum/ride cymbal – Add a rim knock on beat two of measure 134, 135, 136. Play the triplet fill on beat three on snare to cymbal crash on the and of four on ride cymbal. (Most important fill in tune).

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