Learning during the lock-down

Submitted by Lee Nielsen (Flute)

Since late March I have been playing a five minute concert on my front porch every evening at 7 pm in solidarity with many musicians all over the world to recognize our front line workers; health care, food, delivery, police, etc. who are taking care of us everyday. My audience often consists of squirrels, chipmunks, crows and the occasional neighbor waving from their yard.

One night the wind blew my music off my stand…couldn’t play what I couldn’t see…so I had to stop, retrieve my music and start again. Not good!

The challenge of being ready to perform EVERY NIGHT has forced me to pay close attention to the music, yes, but also the music stand, the wind speed, clipping my music down, the outside temperature, my barking dog and whatever. I need to learn to prepare to play, not simply play. Big, big learning for me.

Thanks, Lee, for stepping-up to share your introduction to porch performances during these COVID-19 times.

We welcome others to post their strategies to explore “new normal” activities.  Anyone taking advantage of this time to try-out a new instrument?  Perhaps you have videoed your pets as they enjoy your impromptu concerts?  Or, maybe viewing some online concerts have inspired you to put some swing and more smiles into your practices (while no one is looking).  🙂

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